10 Most Violent Juggalo Attacks Ever Anything
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10 Most Violent Juggalo Attacks Ever

From killing a girl then having sex with her corpse, to tying up a grandmother, beating her with pots and pans and then stealing her car, here are the 10 most heinous Juggalo crimes of all time (other than listening to Insane Clown Posse Albums). Because Tila Tequila got attacked, then mobbed, by a group of Juggalos (the subculture built around the Insane Clown Posse, known for their violence and crimes), I've put together the most craziest crimes ever committed by them, just to put it into perspective that Tila got off EASY.

Also, this just goes to show that although ICP is barely relevant anymore, their fanbase continues to be the worst fanbases of all time. Of course, ICP themselves aren't really the "cause" of any of this, but it'd be neglectful to say that the subculture they've created doesn't play a part. I'm sure we'd find an insane amount of news of far worse crimes (even though these are pretty crazy) if we put a list of Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Puff Daddy, or even U2 fan crimes together. But fandom of those bands isn't really reported whenever someone commits a heinous crime, is it? Just food for thought. Now onto the crimes.
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    Juggalos Beat Up Homeless Due to Sexual Orientation

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    In 2010, Jonathan Dakota Appelt, 18 and Robert Lee Griffin, 19, were accused of choking a homeless man until he was unconscious. They then beat and robbed another homeless man and attacked another as he slept beneath a bridge, all because of... wait for it... their sexual orientation.

    Apparently these homeless men had acted in a lude fashion earlier on in the day towards one of the toy boys involved in these crimes, but instead of letting bygones be bygones, they went back later and planned a beating of all of these.

    Click here for more info on the assaults

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