10 Movies You Should Have Seen But Probably Haven't Films
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10 Movies You Should Have Seen But Probably Haven't

Sure there's cult classics out there but what about those films that can't be cult classics because no one has ever heard of them? Well here's the ultimate list of 10 movies that you've probably NEVER heard of, but should go see.

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    Freaked is the greatest cult movie that hasn’t quite found a cult yet. It came out in 1993 as a movie version of the short lived MTV Sketch-Comedy show Idiot box. After 20th Century Fox saw the movie they claimed it was too weird for audiences and didn’t give it a wide release. The Film’s soundtrack is composed of Butthole Surfers and George Clinton and the special effects are impressive for how low-budget they are. If you can I highly recommened picking up the double-disc DVD that was FINALLY released by Anchor Bay

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