10 of the Most Doomed Expeditions in History

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History is just FULL of doomed expeditions. It's hard to choose just ten, and it's hard to rank them in any kind of order. I chose these because these were doomed before they set out, and almost all of them were victims of bad planning or bad leadership. In any venture into the unknown, there is risk and a large factor of your success is luck. But in these cases, especially in the cases of the Arctic and Antarctic efforts – planning, flexibility, and the ability to think quickly are essential.

Lacking those things... you get doom. You get these. This list of doomed expeditions is far from exhaustive, and as I said, I only chose ten. Read and wonder how these errors could have been made – knowing as these men HAD to know – that a single mistake could cost lives. And they did.

Finally, I just want to note that while I write with a lot of sarcasm and mock many of these terrible decisions, I totally respect that people died here. These men may have made mistakes, maybe were shortsighted, maybe should never have been leaders or given funds or allowed to hold other peoples' lives in their hands... but they were explorers. It's hard not to respect their desire to discover. (I also give Wikipedia cred for some of my research).

What are doomed expeditions? Take a look here and see for yourself.
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