10 People Who Actually Have Internet Meme Tattoos Anything
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10 People Who Actually Have Internet Meme Tattoos

Because decision-making isn't everyone's strong suit. Everyone loves a good Internet meme... for a little while. But some people take it just a little bit too far by getting something that's meant to be a passing giggle drawn on their body forever. Until they die (or can afford to have it removed). Getting a meme tattoo is like putting bread in a bomb shelter. So, in all their "I'm so glad I'm not them" glory, here are some people who took their love for memes and plastered it somewhere on their body for the world, and their grandchildren, to see.

Just like the catchiest viral Internet songs, like "Keyboard Cat" and "Chocolate Rain", get stuck in our heads, these tattoos are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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    Keyboard Cat Tattoo

    One of several tattoos honoring the legacy of Keyboard Cat, Norweigian art director Arild Orholm tattooed the furry friend in unique fashion on his foot. This was no ordinary fan meme tattoo though. Orholm needed some cash to purchase a camera and decided to put his foot up for auction in eBay. No, he was not going to chop his foot off and sell it, rather sell the space on his foot for a tattoo.

    For a winning bid of $2,500, Orholm went on to get a tattoo featuring Keyboard Cat (and a graphical representation of himself) on Mars on his left foot. According to Orholm, "yes, it is real and yes it hurt like hell." Yes, he also got the camera.

    To be fair, this guy's tattoo was actually relatively "tasteful" as far as meme tattoos go. Some people, on the other hand, take it a little too far, and sometimes, a little too literal.

    So, uh, I guess that really is "4 Life".

    These are both still better than this lolcat tattoo. This is brutal.

  2. 2

    Pedobear Tattoo

    How do you tell people that you dig Internet memes and just possibly may be a child molester all at the same time? Get a Pedobear tattoo!

    Yes, that's right, the meme that is an adorable bear who always just happens to always be walking and enjoys making love to small children of all ages (unless they're a little too old), has been put on someone's arm forever.

    They'll have to explain it not only at parties, but to their in-laws and, more importantly, their children.

    Is this guy a proud child molester (unite!)? Who knows (probably not). If that was the motive or not, though, that's the tattoo image that appeared on the arms, legs and other body parts of several suckers since the meme became popular.

    According to a friend of one Pedobear tattoo bearer, "He did not lose a bet, we were not drunk, he wanted a tattoo and I offered to pay for it if he got a picture of a cartoon bear. He agreed. His bad."

    Moral of the story: Pay for your own tattoos... or watch better cartoons with bears in them.

    A great way to solidify your spot on some government lists.

  3. 3

    Nyan Cat Tattoo (Yes, Already)

    The Nyan Cat tattoo pays homage to the 8-bit adorable kitty cat with a Pop Tart for a body that leaves rainbow exhaust in his wake while flying through space that has taken the internet by storm in 2011.

    With over 27 million views, Nyan Cat is a meme force to be reckoned with, spawning more knitted versions of a meme than anybody has ever seen.

    (There's even a place where you can count how many seconds you're able to tolerate Nyan Cat.)

    Maybe the rainbow is what inspired this tattoo. Maybe this person is part of the LGBT community.

    Since the meme popped up in various forms in 2011, a handful of fans have permanently scarred their bodies with the likeness of Nyan Cat.

    Sabrina here decided to make hers a little realistic.

    And this one comes from a person who actually got a Mac tattoo, so it's not really that surprising to see a meme on their arm.

  4. 4

    Three Wolf Moon (Tattoo)

    It's hard enough to get laid wearing the 3 Wolf Moon shirt, let alone tattooing it on yourself. This guy's living life Rage Wolf style.

    Sometimes a new product comes along that is so fantastic and magical that it can change lives, making the world a better place and force us to look at the universe like we never have before. That's the power of the three wolf moon shirt, sold first on Amazon to rave reviews. Now one cannot wear the T-shirt at all times, leading to the next-best solution, a three wolf moon tattoo.


    That is what a select few did to take the mythical beasts with them at all time. Using a portion of their upper backs, the three wolf moon image is tattooed on the fans to take with them for years to come.

    While certainly some have tattooed the image in tribute of the amazing shirt, according to one Reddit user who is friend with the tattooed, the friend had no idea of the meme prior to receiving the tattoo.

  5. 5

    Chocolate Rain Tattoo

    Giving love to the popular YouTube video "Chocolate Rain," a few lucky listeners celebrated the song in tattoo form. While you can't technically tattoo music, these fans tattooed the image of "Chocolate Rain" singer Tay Zonday along with a caption from the video, "I move away from the mic to breathe in."

    In true Internet meme form, at least one fan had the tattoo process video taped for posting, as a video response of course, on YouTube. But wait, it gets even better. The video of the tattoo session uses "Chocolate Rain" to drown out the sounds of the tattoo gun (and possibly regret.)

  6. 6

    Troll Face Tattoo

    The Troll Face rageface celebrates all types of Internet trolling, without prejudice (well, most of the time). Anytime you're trolling, anytime you're writing a rage comic where someone's being a complete troll, or any time you're being kind of a dick, the Troll Face is there, letting everyone know that the person in question is not to be trusted, or that they, themselves, just got trolled.

    The Trollface is often featured with the caption "Problem?" but a few special troll face lovers have taken their appreciation to the next level.

    In just a sampling of the Troll Face tattoo bearers, who are likely either trolls themselves or just passionate Reddit/4Chan users, Troll Face has reared its, well, face in tattoo form on arms, legs and even a butt or two.

    One tattoo artist even selected the well-known image for his first tattoo on himself. And because why the hell not, he used the catchy Trolololo song in the making-of video.

    It's not that rare, though. People get ragefaces tattoo'd on themselves all the time.

    This guy, though, was just being an ass about the whole thing.

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