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10 Sport Heroes Who Are Actually Heroes

From Bleacherreport.com We talk a lot about sports heroes, but how many of them are actually heroes? To be sure, the very meaning of the word is drastically different on a day like Veteran's Day, which I suppose is why it's on our minds in the first place. Indeed, being a hero goes beyond performing physical feats. Every athlete does that. It's their business. It's the ones who are heroic away from their respective sport, the ones who sacrifice their time, money, and sometimes even personal well-being for the betterment of others, that are actually worthy of our admiration. Here are 10 sports heroes who actually deserve to be called heroes.

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    Jessie Owens

    He proved to the world that a black man could compete with the white man. His performance at the 1936 Olympics is a historical moment in sports and in world history.
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    Everybody knew that Ted Williams could hit, but did you know that he also served five years in the military service?
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    An African American tennis player that not only excelled at tennis, but also used his celebrity status to help with civil right causes.
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