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10 Facts About Ants You Didn't Know

Facts about ants is a list of all kinds of interesting facts about ants you probably didn't know. These amazing facts about ants will answer all kinds of questions you didn't know you had such as "do ants think?" and "can ants get drunk?". Some of these questions, and more, will come to light on the facts about ants list.

Ant facts proves I'm a freak for insects. Love em. But ants have a special place with me. No other insect species is as unbelievable... as sophisticated, and as... well, as powerful as ants. They have remained in an un-evolved state of perfection for six million years, because they got it right. And if you got it right, why mess with it? This list is only a tiny fraction of all the amazing facts about ants. Think about these ant facts before the next time you step on them for fun.

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10 Facts About Ants You Didn't Know Anything
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