10 Unhealthy Foods You Think Are Healthy Foods

10 Unhealthy Foods You Think Are Healthy

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We all love food. We all also love unhealthy food, unfortunately, and in an attempt to help people trying to eat healthier, this list has the most unhealthy foods that people think are healthy, to make people aware that what you might think of as healthy, might just be quite the opposite. Which healthy foods are actually not that good for you?

It can be hard to stick to a diet of healthy foods, with so many unhealthy (and delicious) options to choose from. But some healthy foods aren't healthy at all. Have you been reaching for Diet Soda in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle? It's a great idea, but isn't really all that much better for you.

Check out this list of the unhealthy foods you think are healthy and be careful next time you reach for a food you think is a healthy choice.

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    Fat is supposed to be more healthy the more liquid it is, therefore it’s commonly believed that all vegetable oils are healthy. And hey, they’re from plants, too! But ordinary butter can be liquid too, if it’s just heated a little. The “oil” used for frying in fast food restaurants, is most commonly palm oil, an almost purely saturated (unhealthy) oil. What you're really looking for are the unsaturated ("good") fats and oils found in foods like avocados and olive oil.
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    Although there are near infinite variations, and therefore several healthy variations of this food as well, the typical pasta you get when you buy your spaghetti, macaroni, or other noodles, at least in the Western World, is made with plain white flour, mixed with water and eggs. No vitamins, no minerals, and barely any fiber. Nothing, except for empty carbs, shaped as pasta. To make things worse, “fast food pasta,” like take-away Chinese food for instance, often contain loads of salt, mixed with unhealthy fat.
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    Soup mix

    You didn’t think that goofy green powder you mix into water could be good for you, did you? Well, it isn’t. When you eat soup, you consume the water, milk, butter, or whatever else you mixed that powder into, along with a mixture of tasty salt and preservatives. A lot of salt, in fact. Salt is often overlooked as a risk-factor in food, but salt is actually a major contributor to heart disease.
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    This is pasta, but shaped like bread. You probably already knew this, but there are still people left in the world who think that all kinds of bread are good for them. White bread is not, opt for a whole grain bread instead.
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    Don’t let the fact that ketchup was almost got accepted as a vegetable in the United States fool you. Despite containing the antioxidant lycopene (antioxidants greatly reduce the risks of mutations in your body, and the risk of developing diseases like cancer), ketchup contains loads of sugar, often high fructose corn syrup, and also a lot of salt. Most of the ketchup we eat is processed and non-organic, so the lycopene levels are much lower than they could be.
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    Processed cheese

    It’s probably common knowledge that cheese isn’t too good for you, but processed cheese (and most processed foods in general) is actually really bad for you
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    Unlike many other soy products, soy sauce does not contain certain antioxidants known as isoflavones, but the level of antioxidants in soy sauce is still so high that it’s often viewed, as healthy. On the negative side, soy sauce contains very high amounts of salt. There have also been several studies showing that there are often chemicals known to increase the risks of certain types of cancer, found in soy sauce. Luckily, after much stricter regulations on these chemicals and the knowledge of the dangers associated with high amounts of salt, many kinds of low-sodium soy sauces are now available, free of dangerous chemicals.
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    Diet Soda

    You probably knew that soda would never be healthy, diet or not. Some scientists even say Diet Coke is worse than regular. Some studies have shown that diet soda may not be too bad for you by it self, but it still gave the test group a considerable weight gain. A theory was that diet soda actually stimulated the appetite, so that you “ate back” more than the calories you saved by drinking a diet soda instead of a sugary version. Several animal studies have suggested that the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda can cause weight gain, just like ordinary sugars. Also, some of these sweeteners, like Aspartame, are believed to increase the risk of certain kinds of cancer.
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