10 US Colleges With The Happiest Students Schools/Colleges
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10 US Colleges With The Happiest Students

Colleges with the happiest students in US are listed below. These universities have been ranked the colleges with the happiest students. Colleges that make students happy usually provide good education along with scholarships, grants and academic awards, accommodates the needs of students with disabilities etc. Clemson University tops this list of collegiate student happiness.
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    Land-grant university, Flagship university, Public university More
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Private university, Private school More
  4. 4

    Grinnell College

  5. 5
    Private university More
  6. 6
    Private university, University More
  7. 7
    Private university More
  8. 8
    Private school, Liberal arts college More
  9. 9
    University, Public university, Liberal arts college More
  10. 10
    Mixed-sex education, Private school More

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