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10 Useless Exercises You Don't Need To Do Anymore

Useless workouts are the ones that include exercises that don't tone you up or slim you down and include a wealth of useless exercises. To avoid exercises that won't help you towards your workout goal, check out this list of worthless exercises you shouldn't be doing.

What are the most useless exercises? For many years people have been pushing a ton of unnecessary exercises on us. Here are the ones you can skip in favor of more important things, like eating. But, if you're looking for some serious workout ideas I suggest the ab workouts, or these bicep building exercises.

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    Face Stretches

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    The hair, the high-cut bodysuit, the faces. Oh how we don't miss the 80's. Now it's reasonable to view your facial muscles as muscles like the rest of your body, but it's not reasonable to go completely AWOL with your "facial stretches." I love how the lady in the video gets wiped out at 02:12 after performing the most hideous facial spasm. That must have taken a lot of ugly energy to do. As you can see in this video, there is no exercise that you can do to erase that "Too many years snortin blow in The Rainbow bathroom with a promising local band" look. That lady's got it down.

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