10 Ways To Pick An NCAA Bracket For The Sports-Challenged Basketball Teams
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10 Ways To Pick An NCAA Bracket For The Sports-Challenged

So you want to take part in the non-sanctioned office NCAA March Madness Bracket pool, but you don't know anything about it? Don't be intimidated by the jocks in the office who spew forth knowledge about the Jordan vs. Ewing rivalry. Picking a perfect bracket is damn near impossible. In fact, the more knowledge you have can actually be a hindrance. Here are the basics to give yourself a respectable appearance to the VP with his office painted Kentucky Blue.

Oh and there are pictures of college cheerleaders.

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    A #9 Always Takes Out A #8

    Same idea applies here. The difference between being ranked #9 vs #8 is a small one. So naturally, this category is always ripe for an upset.

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    Find a Cinderella

    The Cinderella is the best part of the tourney. Some upstart begins tearing up the big boys. However, there is only one a year. So choose wisely. Their rank is usually 10-12 and they peter out around the Elite Eight Round.

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    A #16 Never Beat A #1

    But don't go nuts on your Cinderella, A #1 team has never been upset in the first round by a Number #16. In your first round of picking, make sure your pick all four #1 seeds.

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    Picking A Mascot IS A Strategy

    When you are in a bind, pick the mascot (or team colors) you like best.

    This is not a very scientific way to go, but someone always picks an upset this way.

    Bottom Line: it works as well as anything else. When you win, everyone in the office will hate you. Because you're awesome.

    If an ex went to a certain school, sure, knock 'em out. There is NO right way to pick basketball.

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