10 Worst Movie Fathers Ever Films
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10 Worst Movie Fathers Ever

Dads are often guys that every young boy dreams he could be when he grows up. But they can can also be the worst thing that's ever come into a boy's existence. Just take a look at these movie dads in our list of the worst movie fathers in film history. Be thankful that your old man ain't anything like these dudes, and huge apologies if he is.

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    God – “The Passion Of The Christ”

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    If ever a film accurately portrayed a father as a dead-beat dad, The Passion Of The Christ did just that. The dude was a no-show throughout. He slept-in when his son was betrayed. He avoided showing his face at his boy’s last supper. He snoozed through his being crucified. He even stayed in bed while his son asked him to forgive those who were killing him. What a jerk!

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