11 Awesome Things in the 1908 Sears Catalog Anything
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11 Awesome Things in the 1908 Sears Catalog

The 1908 Sears Catalog has a LOT of awesome in it, but I took the time and trouble to go through and pull out some of my favorite gems that not only harken back to a day before electronic gadgets (sweet, sweet electronic gadgets) but to a day when marketing was the opposite of slick. And when a catalog blurb was as long as a small novel and used phrases like "it will be readily appreciated by you". Also, the artwork is killer. I wish they still made catalogs like this.

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    Worth its weight in ruffles alone

    Fancy Hat

    The style and value of this pattern at $1.98 will be readily appreciated by you. Indeed. I find myself already appreciating the frank and practical tone of the marketing copy, and so I am sure I will also love the hat. Although I do like a few more flowers on my hats, the value of this one is readily appreciated by me.

  2. 8

    I am. I'm afraid.

    Be Afraid

    Is the dog afraid? He kind of looks worried. Are they asking us if we are afraid? Or are they asking us which one of the two animals is more afraid? The kitten IS pretty scary, frankly... its eyes are all askew. Do we write down the answer in the provided notebook? Is there an address where we can send our answer?

  3. 9

    A Very Important Question

    What do you keep cows for?

    Well, I don't know about you, but my cows are purely decorative.

  4. 10

    Reaching the upper limits of fancy

    Baby Carriage

    This thing looks fancy AND durable. I'm sure you would have no problem getting it through airport security. (Joke! I know they didn't have airport security in 1908... you could just walk through and still leave your shoes on in those days) I still see a few places where they didn't tack on enough frippery. They just weren't trying hard enough.

  5. 11

    For the Gigantism sufferer you've lost


    This is actually kind of expensive. One would hope that if you had lost a loved one, you would not want them represented by that giant-headed George Washington-esque figure lying in front of a lollipop.

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