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13 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones

List Criteria: Black comic book heroes that have replaced white ones

Years ago, actor Donald Glover from "Community" started a twitter campaign to get himself cast as Spider-Man. The role ultimately when to Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, but Donald's campaign turned some heads at Marvel. 

Marvel Comics then made headlines by replacing their Ultimate version of Peter Parker with a new half black, half Latino Spider-Man named Miles Morales. A lot of fans got in a huff about it, but this is hardly the first time someone of African descent has replaced a Caucasian comic book superhero. In the past several decades, this has almost become a comic book tradition, and these are some prominent examples.

As it would turn out, Donald finally got his chance to play Spider-Man. In the "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, Donald voices Miles Morales who appears in the "Web Warriors" episodes. 

It's unfortunate that the "black superhero" isn't more commonplace, but these black Marvel characters and black DC characters are a step in the right direction.

Which optic white superheroes will be re-born as black superheroes and given a new lease on life? Only time will tell.

13 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones Comic Book Characters
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