12 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones Comic Book Characters

12 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones

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This week, Marvel Comics made headlines by replacing their Ultimate version of Peter Parker with a new half black, half Latino Spider-Man named Miles Morales. A lot of people are getting in a huff about it, but this is hardly the first time someone of African descent has replaced a caucasian super hero. In the past several decades, this has almost become a comic book tradition, and these are some prominent examples.
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    Superman/Steel: John Henry Irons

    Back in 1992, DC Comics "killed" Superman, and it made national headlines. Within four months of course, Superman was back…well, sort of. Four different characters laid claim to the name and legacy of Kal-El, and one of them was African American steel worker John Henry Irons. Irons crafted an Iron Man like suit of armor with a big S Shield on it and declared himself the new Man of Steel.

    It was only a few months before the real Superman returned from the grave of course, but John Henry Irons stuck around and changed his name to Steel.

    He has since become a mainstay of the DC Universe, and a member of the Justice League in good standing. The character was popular enough that he even got a movie starring Shaquille O’Neal back in 1997, but let’s not hold that travesty against him.

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