13 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones Comic Book Characters
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13 African American Heroes Who Replaced White Ones

List Criteria: Black comic book heroes that have replaced white ones

Years ago, actor Donald Glover from "Community" started a twitter campaign to get himself cast as Spider-Man. The role ultimately when to Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, but Donald's campaign turned some heads at Marvel. 

Marvel Comics then made headlines by replacing their Ultimate version of Peter Parker with a new half black, half Latino Spider-Man named Miles Morales. A lot of fans got in a huff about it, but this is hardly the first time someone of African descent has replaced a Caucasian comic book superhero. In the past several decades, this has almost become a comic book tradition, and these are some prominent examples.

As it would turn out, Donald finally got his chance to play Spider-Man. In the "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, Donald voices Miles Morales who appears in the "Web Warriors" episodes. 

It's unfortunate that the "black superhero" isn't more commonplace, but these black Marvel characters and black DC characters are a step in the right direction.

Which optic white superheroes will be re-born as black superheroes and given a new lease on life? Only time will tell.

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    This isn't the first time the Captain America role has been filled by someone other than Steve Rogers. After saving the world (again), Steve lost the Super Soldier serum causing his actual age to catch up with him and being unable to continue fighting the good fight.

    The symbol, which is Captain America, needs to be filled.

    Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, is prepared to step up to the plate. Having fought alongside Steve for several years, Sam has the experience to pull it off. 

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