14 People Who Were Found Living with Dead Bodies Anything
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14 People Who Were Found Living with Dead Bodies

This list of stories about people found living alongside the dead bodies of their relatives or friends is shocking proof that some people just can't let their loved ones go. It's straight up unnatural - even elephants bury their dead - but these news stories about people who keep dead bodies come out time after time. Many involve spouses unwilling to let go, but others involve panicked murderers, depraved lunatics, and many sad lonely people who just want someone to sit next to them and point their lifeless eyes at the NASCAR. The list includes people living with dead wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, sisters, and brothers, but - happily - no dead strangers. Keep your eyes on the people closest to you.

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    Woman Makes Boyfriend's Corpse NASCAR Buddy

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    Sometimes, all a girl wants is to maybe meet some guys, some Michigan guys, y’know… watch NASCAR and stuff. But when 67-year-old Charles Zigler died in December 2010, that didn’t put an end to his TV watching days. His longtime girlfriend Linda Chase, 72, kept his mummified corpse propped up in a living room chair, glassy eyes trained on the fast cars going in circles on the screen. When police discovered Zigler’s body in July 2012 – 18 months post-mortem – Chase admitted that she had been cashing his social security checks. “I’m probably going to prison,” she said.


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