12 Things We Hate About Disneyland All Places
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12 Things We Hate About Disneyland

Back in the days of lore, a visionary named Walt Disney created Disneyland. Little did he know what a pain in the ass it would become. While our parents regale us with stories of E-Tickets, Mule Trains, and $5 admissions, we have a more bitter view of what this park has really turned into.

Beginning with Eisner and continuing with the powers that be, this park is no longer The Happiest Place on Earth. It's not even The Second Happiest Place on Earth. It's now The Most Expensive Place on Earth.

Should you decide to beat the pavement with Mickey and Minnie, prepare to lose your wallet.

Your soul. Your SANITY.

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    The Price of Admission

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    1955 - $1

    1965 - $4

    1975 - $6

    1985 - $16.50

    1995 - $33

    2005 - $56

    2009 - $62 (3-9) $72 (10+)
    2013 - $81 (3-9) $87 (10+)

    Somewhere, the board of directors are wiping their asses with Benjamin Franklins and blowing their noses with William McKinleys.

    It's sick.

    For a park that has yet to create a NEW ride that doesn't involve shooting pretend lasers or an acid trip of Woozles, there is little satisfaction of selling a kidney or turning a trick just to get into the damn place.

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