12 Video Game Characters with Eating Disorders Fictional Characters
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12 Video Game Characters with Eating Disorders

Here are the 12 video game characters (or types of characters) with self-destructive eating patterns that we have to worry about, what kind of disease they have and why they seriously need our help to get over their addiction, affliction or self-destroying eating disorder.

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    Pac-Man is an obvious over-eater with a dependence on a certain kind of pellet. He displays a kind of elation when exposed to a certain kind of pellet, almost like that of consuming a drug. He has such a co-dependent relationship with his food that he cannot work up the courage to confront his regular, every-day bullies unless he's had that kind of (larger) pellet.

    The more he eats, the happier he is. Some have blamed the implied drug influence of the Classic NAMCO game, while others simply fear for the type of culture which would eat over 100 tic tacs and then eat some cherries, an entire coke, or a barrage of other carb-heavy fruits/foods.

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