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14 Disneyland Secrets You May Not Know About

Think you know all of the Disneyland secrets? The popular theme park harbors some deep, dark, and sometimes amusing secrets that you probably don't know. Millions are blissfully unaware as they roam the amusement park in search of... well... amusement. But what they don't know is that they could be enjoying a cocktail at a secret members-only bar next to the Pirate of Caribbean ride, playing basketball inside the top of the Matterhorn, or shopping at a secret Disneyland lingerie store on Main Street.

What are the Disneyland secrets? From the so-called "Hidden Mickeys" located all over the park, to driving an actual riverboat, you're about to learn the secrets of Disneyland here on this list of secret spots. Imagine your kids' or friends' surprise when you know all of these fun tricks to do next time you go to Disneyland! As you read through the hidden Disneyland secrets, make sure to vote for the secret you'll investigate during your next Disney adventure!
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    Driving the Mark Twain

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    Yes, that's right! If you play your cards right, you may be able to actually drive the Mark Twain riverboat. Here's what to do: Right before you board, find a cast member and (very nicely) ask them if you can visit the wheel house. If luck is on your side, they'll direct you to the second floor to a door marked "Private." Knock. The captain of the Mark Twain will answer and guide you up a special ladder to the actual wheel house. That, my friend, is where you will be able to actually take the wheel and steer the boat! You may also learn how to ring the Mark Twain's bell and sound its whistle. Way, way cool!

    The fun doesn't end with driving the Mark Twain, oh no. You'll also get to sign a special guest book, one that contains names of those who've gone before you as an honorary driver, dating all the way back to the mid-1950s (when the Twain was dedicated). Your exciting journey will be recorded for all to see.

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