14 Famous People Who Have Been Reported Missing People
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14 Famous People Who Have Been Reported Missing

List Criteria: Celebrities who have been reported missing

Who are some of the most famous missing people in history? This list includes very well-known actors and actresses, journalists, musicians, socialites, and even heads of state who have all, at some point, been reported missing. The circumstances of their disappearances are all fascinating, and some, sadly, have never been found.

One of the more high-profile missing persons cases of 2012 isn't actually a missing persons case at all. Katherine Jackson was reported as missing in late-July of 2012, by her nephew, Trent Jackson. The whole situation is totally bizarre. Ms. Jackson was, when she was supposedly missing, actually in Arizona with other Jackson family members, playing Uno.

Some of the most well-known missing people on this list vanished forever, with no trace left behind. Their bodies were never found, and friends and family were left to wonder forever what happened. Conspiracy theories about their fates, not surprisingly, run rampant. A few musicians on this list, including Kurt Cobain, are members of the so-called "27 Club," because they vanished and/or died when they were just 27 years old.

Other famous missing persons listed here were discovered weeks, months, or even years later. A status update is included for each person on this list.

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    Former "Top 40" host Casey Kasem's whereabouts are currently unknown. A court ruling on May 12, 2014, granted his daughter, Kerri Kasem, temporary conservatorship for her 82-year-old father. The elder Kasem – who suffers from advanced Parkinson's Disease and can no longer talk – was in the care of his wife, Kerri's stepmother Jean Kasem, and has not been seen by any of his children for some time. During the trial, Jean's attorney, Craig Marcus, admitted neither he nor his client knew where the ailing Kasem was, but were under the assumption that he had been removed from the country.

    Status: Kasem was found in Washington state three days after this story broke. He was with his wife visiting another couple at their home. When asked, they said they "were on vacation."

    He died June 15, 2014 at 82 years old from complications of Lewy body dementia in Washington.  
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    Age: Died at 82 (1932-2014)
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
    Profession: Music Historian, Film Producer, Radio personality, Actor, Disc jockey + 1 more
    Institution: Wayne State University, Northwestern High School
    Medical Conditions: Parkinson's disease
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