13 Funny and Cute Baby Videos Anything
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13 Funny and Cute Baby Videos

List Criteria: Which babies are the funniest? Vote up all your favorites!

This is a list of 13 of the funniest, most adorable baby videos on the Internet. While babies do a lot of things every day (eat, sleep, poop, poop, cry, poop), they're not always as funny as you'd like them to be. Solution: list of 13 funny baby videos! There are videos of cute animals with equally adorable babies, babies that fall asleep when they eat, and even babies that have nothing better to do than head butt each other (metal heads in training).

There are remixes of classic baby videos (Charlie Bit Me!) and even babies that take on the role of ninja superheroes and kick some dragon butt with their mad months-old martial arts skills. Truly, they give new meaning to someone telling you, "step off, bro, I've been studying karate my whole life." You'll see a lot of babies, animals, and amused parents on this round-up of sweet little babies that haven't learned how to talk back yet.

Enjoy this list of 13 Funny and Cute Baby Videos!

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    Dragon Baby

    This kid has so many karate skills. I bet Napoleon Dynamite would be mad jealous.


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    Charlie Bit My Finger (The Horror Remix)


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    Babies Tasting Lemons for the First Time


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    Jack Russell Plays Baby Sled

    Babies are small; they don't need huskies.



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    Dog Imitates Baby

    Somewhere between creepy and cute. Definitely cool.


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    Baby Hates Cats


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