13 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 1) Anything
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13 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 1)

This is the first in a series of what will probably be dozens of video collections of only the best videos from Russia. The Japanese have the market cornered on the weirdest videos on the internet, Americans have the dumbest and most narcissistic and Russians have what are undoubtedly the most insane, intense, "holy sh*t" videos on the internet.

All of Russia is a Jackie Chan movie. So here's the first serving of thirteen insane viral videos from Russia. Stay tuned!
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    Vladimir Putin Leads Crane Migration in Hang Glider

    Click here or on the picture to view the video!

    Leave it to Russian Presiden Vladimir Putin (who's done everything from downing Bengal Tigers then measuring their teeth, to flying intense military vehicles, to saving a bunch of puppies) to want to be a part of the natural order of the majestic, beautiful Crane.

    Taking a bunch of Cranes kept in captivity out to the world, this "flight of hope" was led by the Russian President himself. Here's the video of this crazily unnecessary yet impressive and absolutely, mind-bogglingly awesome act in its entirety.

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    Russian Pedestrian Almost Run Over, Exacts Revenge

    In this video (taken, of course, in Russia) a man is almost run over with a car. He then proceeds to kick the car in a way that rules. In a way that says "never drive in Russia unless you know exactly what the hell you're doing.

    Click here or on the picture to view the video!

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    All Out Sprinting Races in Stilleto Heels

    Because who the hell needs working ankles.

    Click here or on the picture to view the video!

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    Man Ice Fishes with His Bare (Bear?) Hands

    Listen. I can barely carry ice cream cups back to the girlfriend I don't deserve when we go to Baskin Robbins. This man is a God and a hero. Because the fish is also HUGE.

    Click here or on the picture to view the video!

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    Pullups on a 100 Meter High Tower



    Russian YouTubers seem to be perfectly willing to risk their lives for the concept of "oh that would be pretty cool".

    In this one a teenager does some pull-ups on a rusty metal tower, 100 meters off the ground. Not only that but he does the kind of pullups where you let go in between pulls.

    Jesus Christ, you guys.

    Click here or on the picture to view the video!

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