The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time Anything

The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time

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In honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here are 13 Black Friday injuries, incidents and deaths that should pretty much convince everyone to stay the hell out of a busy shopper's way this year.

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    Man Collapses and Dies in Shopping Frenzy

    In 2011, 61-year-old Walter Vance collapsed while shopping for Black Friday deals at a West Virginia Target store and went unnoticed by patrons of the store who walked around the fallen man, choosing instead to keep their eyes on the prize (a $4.97 copy of Jack and Jill on Blu-Ray). When shoppers finally ceased stepping over the man to carry on with their shopping, several nurses did come to the man's aid, but he later died in the hospital.


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    Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd to Get Xbox Games

    On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, a woman at a Porter Ranch, CA Wal-Mart pepper sprayed the crowd surrounding an Xbox game display. Approximately 20 people were hit in the face and treated at the scene. None of the pepper spray attack victims required hospitalization and there is no word on whether the offending woman got the game she was after at the cost of others' well being.


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    Two People Shot Over Parking Spot Fight

    Two people were shot and wounded after a confrontation over a parking spot near a Tallahassee, FL Wal-Mart. The man and woman stumbled over to the store's garden center where they were discovered and hospitalized to treat their wounds.


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    Gift-Certificate Frenzy

    It never snows in California, but when it does, people are bound to get injured.

    The scene: Black Friday 2006, the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance.

    Mall management made the place snow money when it dropped 500 gift certificate-filled balloons from the ceiling to the ground and 2,000 people rushed to try and grab one. The numbers don’t convey the sheer size of that event. 2,000 people, all of them running towards one place. The commotion was incredible.

    There was a 1 in 4 chance a customer could grab a balloon and the 9 in 10 chance they are going to get pushed over or knocked down in what was probably the most violent and turbulent sea of people ever witnessed. And since patterns never lie, an elderly woman was injured and sent to the hospital.


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    Do The Wave With Flat-Screen TV's

    Typical Black Friday scene, which is ridiculous.

    All these people are standing around with the carts and their overcoats. And then they all pounce onto a box and start tearing out flat-screen TV's. Check out the video to your left starting at 4:00. It's like being at a rock concert and giving the band the wave. Except this time, it's with flat-screen TV's and instead of a mosh pit, it's a bunch of people trying to move away while behind them, people keep tossing TV boxes above them over and over again.

    And there's always some random guy filming it, as if he hopes he can get in on some action. The sad part is, he is filming it because he expects some kind of action to happen. That's how it goes if you want to a TV on Black Friday. Look at those Kevin James looking security guards too. Makes you feel safe, doesn't it?

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