The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time Anything

The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time

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In honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here are 13 Black Friday injuries, incidents and deaths that should pretty much convince everyone to stay the hell out of a busy shopper's way this year.

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    Wal-Mart Deathly Stampede

    If you thought any Black Friday experience you had was beyond ridiculous, just consider ...
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    Pregnant Woman Miscarried

    Well, you can expect this type of violence if the crowds on Black Friday had been historically ... more
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    Guys Shoot Each Other

    Black Friday. Toys R Us. Shooting deaths. Normally, people would never think of stringing ... more
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    Customers Shove For HP Pavillion Notebooks

    Along with stampeding and trampling pregnant woman and elderly women, people always seem to go ... more
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    Distribution Frenzy

    So retailers have a choice: since sales start at 5AM (usually; this year they're starting as ... more
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    Pregnant Woman Wig

    Before jumping into this one, it's weird that this happens in the U.S. Usually when you hear ... more
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    Old Woman Trampled

    It seems like the saga of the madness trying to get into the store will never end. On Black ... more
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    Plain-clothes security guard

    Among the many risks of Black Friday shopping, after the infamous stampede to enter the store ... more
  9. 9
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    Fighting Over Vacuum Cleaners

    Don’t poke fun at the fact that this is footage happening from the city of Mormons. But here, ... more
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    Customers Kicked out of Wal-Mart

    As a precaution to avoid the 2008 incident where someone died, a Wal-mart store in Upland, CA ... more
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    Do The Wave With Flat-Screen TV's

    Typical Black Friday scene, which is ridiculous. All these people are standing around with the ... more
  12. 12
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    Gift-Certificate Frenzy

    It never snows in California, but when it does, people are bound to get injured. The scene: ... more
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    Two People Shot Over Parking Spot Fight

    Two people were shot and wounded after a confrontation over a parking spot near a Tallahassee, ... more
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    new! Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd to Get Xbox Games

    On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, a woman at a Porter Ranch, CA Wal-Mart pepper sprayed the crowd ... more
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    Man Collapses and Dies in Shopping Frenzy

    In 2011, 61-year-old Walter Vance collapsed while shopping for Black Friday deals at a West ... more

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