The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time Anything
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The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time

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In honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here are 13 Black Friday injuries, incidents and deaths that should pretty much convince everyone to stay the hell out of a busy shopper's way this year.
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    Wal-Mart Deathly Stampede

    If you thought any Black Friday experience you had was beyond ridiculous, just consider yourself lucky no one died (though many people find themselves dying on the inside.)

    Alas, that is exactly what happened back in 2008 at a Long Island Wal-Mart. A few facts to convey this incident: over 2,000 people trampled into the store five minutes before scheduled to open. The store never in fact opened. The crowds opened it themselves, chanting push the doors in. And they did, knocking the doors off their hinges and literally basting it apart. If you're wondering what's wrong with these people? Just check out this Walmart people video and it'll all make perfect sense.

    It was rumored that the employees all of sudden had to make a human chain to slow down the crowds that kept pouring. Not effective. Turned out the crowds ended up being a lethal Red Rover and they trampled a 34 year old temporary employee.

    As other Wal-Mart employees tried to help the man, the crowds knocked them over as well all the while pummeling the downed man to death. When police and paramedics arrived, people kept pushing past them. When police forced the store to close, people kept pushing past them. Their excuse? I was in line since Friday morning! For 20 dollars off a PS3.

    You can’t get more cold-hearted than that.


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    Pregnant Woman Miscarried

    Well, you can expect this type of violence if the crowds on Black Friday had been historically so bad they killed a man. This particular takedown occurred at the same place where the Wal-Mart worker was killed, making the 2008 shopping season a historical war zone in that area.

    The eight-months-pregnant woman was probably waiting to buy stuff for her soon-to-be newborn baby. Instead, she miscarried. The same group of people that knocked the doors off their hinges also managed to create the most brutal abortion imaginable.


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    Guys Shoot Each Other

    Black Friday. Toys R Us. Shooting deaths. Normally, people would never think of stringing those words up in the same sentence. Well, maybe the first two, but shooting deaths?

    However, that’s exactly what happened the same day of the above Wal-Mart stampede. On the opposite side of the coast in Palm Desert, CA, two women got into a fight. No one knows why, but plenty of witnesses reported it was a bloody brawl. Bloody enough to incite their male companions to pull out their trusty hand-guns and shoot each other. God Bless America.

    All hell broke loose.The crowds ran out screaming from the store while the two shooters squared off and cocked their gun. One man failed so he ran through the aisles while the other guy shot at him. Eventually, they got to the cash register and exchanged multiple shots before dying.

    Apparently, it wasn’t over a toy, though its very easy to make such an assumption. Two guys walk into a Toys R Us carrying guns then shoot each other. What’s to miss (other than, apparently, that one guy)?

    But the worst part of it all: the mothers brought their children with them and their children witnessed their own fathers’ deaths.


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    Customers Shove For HP Pavillion Notebooks

    Along with stampeding and trampling pregnant woman and elderly women, people always seem to go gaga over under-priced laptops. So much that they will shove in line to get them and push people to the floor. That is what happened in Lincoln, Nebraska back in 2005, where a Wal-Mart experienced a line surge in the area where it was selling laptops. So much so that it was reported that some people even tried to pry the laptops from shoppers' hands if they didn't get one. It was perhaps, the most epic game of tug and war ever witnessed.

    The video to your left, though not at the event itself, displays an idea of said craziness.


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    Distribution Frenzy

    So retailers have a choice: since sales start at 5AM (usually; this year they're starting as early as 4AM, or even 6PM the night before -- we're looking at YOU Wal-Mart), they can either open the store and let all the crowds spill in at once (and kill people) or they can let customers in overnight and allow them to gather at their items of choice and have them wait until 5 AM when employees open the packages (This video remains a good example of what that's like. Think piranhas).

    At this Wal-Mart in Florida, people waiting to get GPS devices eventually got involved into a fight and somehow, GPS devices got thrown into the air. Needless to say, the employee had to start yelling at people to back up, but they probably got over-run anyway. Enough to make a reporter commenting on the story say he wanted to get the hell out.

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