13 Most Cringeworthy Male Genitalia Accidents People
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13 Most Cringeworthy Male Genitalia Accidents

Every guy has had a few close calls with his junk- a premature zipping of the fly, perhaps even an errant buzz with the razor during manscaping; but few have actually gone all the way and lopped the ol' tallywhacker completely off.

These are stories about zipping your penis in your fly, getting your wiener too close to power tools, and tales of angry lady friends exacting revenge. What are the worst ways to get your penis cut off? Read on and find out.

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    Carpenter Cuts Off His Member Building A Cabinet

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    Stuart Keen, a 54 year-old carpenter from Wantage, England, was just doing what he does best- building. This time, the project was a large wooden cabinet. Everything was going according to plan, until the saw he was using slipped and sliced off his penis.

    First of all, how does that even happen? Was he naked? How does a slip cut off your penis? I understand a cut on the penis...but not cutting it off. The Sunday Telegraph was curious and went to interview Keen about the incident.

    His mother, of all people, was quoted as saying "This was an unfortunate accident, but these things happen all the time to people in his profession." I beg to differ with that quote, I would say more people suffer from lost of fingers than loss of penis. Not even LOSS of fingers, LOSS OF THE TIP maybe, but very few times does a whole finger go...let alone a whole penis.


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