13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time Anything

13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time

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From getting their police car stolen while making an arrest, to driving through walls, tazing old women, leaving their post to meet 3 foot tall porn stars to arresting an 8 year old autistic girl, here are the 13 most epic police FAILs of all time (that don't involve accidentally shooting someone). In the real world, you better HOPE they never "come for you".

What are the most epic police FAILs of all time? That's up to you to decide but there are some pretty hilarious options on this list. Why do cops make so many mistakes? That's a great question but as the incidents on this list prove, the police are just as likely, if not more likely to fail as often as regular law abiding citizens. 

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  1. 8

    Worst. Police Dog. Ever.

    Not every police pursuit needs to be in a car. This foot pursuit involving a playful police dog is beyond description... but here we go.

    The scene opens with an extremely poorly trained, kind-hearted and playful police dog chasing down a perp. The pudgy police officer (in the bright yellow, looking all sun-like, like he does) is following closely behind.

    This dog is technically a cop, so this is 100% a cop FAIL. Want more proof? OH yeah, who do you think trained the playful little puppy? It was the cops! Yes it was! Oh yes it wuuuuuuuuus!

    This dog was so playful in this on-foot pursuit that it treated the perpetrator like he'd just gotten home from a long camping trip.

  2. 7

    Quadreiplegic Or Not Quadriplegic? This Is How You Find Out!

    Officer: Get out of the wheelchair.
    Quadriplegic: Uhm....I'm a quadriplegic, that means my arms and legs don't really work.
    Officer: We'll see about that.
    ***Shuffle, Shuffle, Plop***
    Officer: Guess you were right, my bad... no one was filming this, right?

    Police Deputy Charlotte Marshall Jones was later charged with abuse of a disabled person. Thank god she didn't think the disabled man was wearing a bullet proof vest.

    Deputy Jones tosses the poor quadriplegic man in the clip at 0:39.

  3. 6

    Cop Leaves Beat To See Dwarf Porn Star, Gets Caught

    I love America.

    A police officer named Richard P. Benet, who had just received a commendation for his work on a murder case a few weeks before, left his patrol for a little while. No, he didn't need to pee, no he wasn't meeting up with his wife or wasn't going to do or deal drugs, no.

    He went to meet a woman who was billed as "the world's smallest porn star", and then lied about it to his law enforcement buddies (wouldn't you?)

    Needless to say, he got caught doing this because he wasn't really smart about it. He went to Club Alex's Gentlemen's Club to meet the 3'9" starlet Bridget "The Midget" Powers. It wasn't an appointment either, he just heard she was gonna be there.

    Oh yes, the kicker? HE WENT IN UNIFORM.

    Gotta admit, who at least KINDA wouldn't want to see what that looked like? It's like a car crash, only... smaller.

  4. 5

    Nude Man Tasered by Police Falls To Death

    This clip starts off on a typical day in New York. You know ,a naked guy pretends to be Spider-Man and decides to start climbing around a fire escape and the building awning.

    Police officers, not wanting to miss their lunch by waiting for a Mental Health expert to arrive on scene, decide to take matters into their own hands.

    They ingeniously manage to use a non-lethal taser to kill the guy. Props to the NYPD. They can't catch terrorists but they can kill the naked and mentally ill with anything from a taser to a spork!

    Click the video to the left to see this SHOCKING video! (You're welcome.)

  5. 4

    Cop Calls 911 During Pot Brownie Overdose

    The news anchors in this clip can't even keep a straight face, and with good reason, this cop is an absolute idiot. This age-old classic of cop FAILs had to make it onto this list because not only does he tell an authority that he's high on marijuana that he confiscated, but he SHOWS them he is.

    When this officer baked brownies with confiscated pot with his wife, they got so high that they thought they'd overdosed... at which point they called 911.

    Some of the most memorable quotes:

    "I think we're dying... I think we're dead."

    "Time is going by really, really, really slow"

    No charges were filed against either of them, but the department did let the officer resign. So why is this a FAIL if it made all of us laugh so hard? Well, because the guy lost his job... fewer things are more worthy of a FAIL stamp than that, especially when you get fired for getting caught stealing illegal substances from work.

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