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13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time

From getting their police car stolen while making an arrest, to driving through walls, tazing old women, leaving their post to meet 3-foot tall porn stars, to arresting an 8-year-old autistic girl, here are the 13 most epic police FAILs of all time (that don't involve accidentally shooting someone). In the real world, you better HOPE they never "come for you."

What are the most epic police FAILs of all time? That's up to you to decide, but there are some pretty hilarious options on this list. Why do cops make so many mistakes? That's a great question, but as the incidents on this list prove, the police are just as likely, if not more likely to fail as often as regular, law abiding citizens. 

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  1. 7

    Quadreiplegic Or Not Quadriplegic? This Is How You Find Out!

    Police Deputy Charlotte Marshall Jones was charged with abuse of a disabled person after she haphazardly dumps him on the floor to search him. I mean, clearly, this guy is a total faker.

    Deputy Jones tosses the poor quadriplegic man in the clip at 0:39.

  2. 6

    Cop Leaves Beat To See Dwarf Porn Star, Gets Caught

    I love America.

    A police officer named Richard P. Benet, who had just received a commendation for his work on a murder case a few weeks before, left his beat for a while for a little R&R with "the world's smallest porn star."

    He went to secretly meet up with 3'9" starlet Bridget "The Midget" Powers for a little spontaneous fun at Club Alex's Gentlemen's Club when he got caught. 

    The kicker? He went in uniform. *facepalm*

    Needless to say, the officer resigned just 10 days after getting caught. 

  3. 5

    Nude Man Tasered by Police Falls To Death

    A man falls 10 feet to his death when he's outside on the awning of his apartment building, naked and telling jokes.

    His mother called the cops when he threatened to hurt himself, as he was mentally ill and hadn't been taking his medication. The police came out and tasered the man, causing him to go rigid and falling headfirst into the pavement. The NYPD had no mattress or air bag for the man to fall onto.

    At least that poor guy left this world just as he came into it.

  4. 4

    Cop Calls 911 During Pot Brownie Overdose

    A police officer is asked to resign after he calls 911 saying that he believes he and his wife are dead from a marijuana overdose... yep, you read that correctly.

    The well-trained officer did what any police force does after confiscating marijuana – he baked it into brownies.

    Not even the news team could hold it together on this one.

  5. 3

    Second. Best. Police Sketch. Ever.

    A Bolivian cab driver was killed and an official police sketch was drawn to help police and civilians help find the man responsible. 

    Hopefully, they found the guy in just a matter of hours.

  6. 2

    Bad Shortcut

    During a high-speed pursuit and a hair-pin turn, instead of following the perpetrator, the first police car goes rogue... right through a brick wall.

    Talk about taking a short cut.

    It happens so fast that the news crew almost misses it entirely.

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