13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time Anything
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13 Most Epic Police FAILS of All Time

From getting their police car stolen while making an arrest, to driving through walls, tazing old women, leaving their post to meet 3-foot tall porn stars, to arresting an 8-year-old autistic girl, here are the 13 most epic police FAILs of all time (that don't involve accidentally shooting someone). In the real world, you better HOPE they never "come for you."

What are the most epic police FAILs of all time? That's up to you to decide, but there are some pretty hilarious options on this list. Why do cops make so many mistakes? That's a great question, but as the incidents on this list prove, the police are just as likely, if not more likely to fail as often as regular, law abiding citizens. 

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    Police Rough Up, Break Arm of 65 Year Old Woman

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    When trying to serve a man named Salvador Rivas with a bench warrant after he failed to show up to court for a misdemeanor offense, the officers (dressed in plain clothes) showed up to Rivas's door as yard workers (really smart). His mother, Piera Tundo, declined their offer to help her with her yard. According to Rivas, the doorbell rang again shortly afterwards, this time with men forcing themselves through the door, and roughing up the woman. Afraid, Tundo tried to hide in her sewing room, but a police officer barged into the room and twisted her arm until it broke.

    Tundo and Rivas thought it was a home invasion. The department began investigating the incident before a report was even officially filed, and it was hours after the police invaded their home and broke Tundo's arm that they even produced a warrant.

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