13 People Courtney Love Has Banged, Ranked By Their Sanity People
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13 People Courtney Love Has Banged, Ranked By Their Sanity

Courtney Love sex partners are a cross-section of Hollywood at its craziest. From rockers like Billy Corgan to actors like Russell Brand and Steve Coogan (!), there are quote a few rumored lovers that Courtney Love has staked claim to. All of Courtney Love's female lovers and other rumored hook-ups are accounted for on this list fo people Courtney Love has dated.

Who has Courtney Love had sex with? Famous people known or heavily rumored to have had sex with Courtney Love, ranked from Craziest to Least Crazy. "Least Crazy" is used here because in order to have spent more than perhaps a drunken few moments with her, you would have to have at least one small screw loose. For more Courtney antics, check out Ranker's list of the wildest Courtney Love meltdowns.

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  1. 13

    Wikipedia says Buckley and Courtney were seen together on a few occasions in 1997, and Courtney dedicated songs to him after his death, and has basically admitted to a fling (which it seems she just kinda "does" sometimes).

    Not exactly sure where to place Jeff Buckley on the sanity scorecard, as he was actually lucid at his time of death, was actually singing Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" (coincidence?) while swimming in the Wolf River Harbor before he went missing and wrote some of the best songs ever written, including the best non-Shrek cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

    Jeff gets #13 for being an overall great guy... but still, he dated Courtney Love, so...

  2. 12

    Jim Barber

    Some poor record-biz schmuck, someone who easily could play a Mel Brooks double NOW, this guy would be crazy not to have been with her.

    This guy wasn't remotely famous, but the fallout from him hooking up with Courtney made the press because Barber started managing her solo career after she left Geffen (suing them, of course) and Courtney's "Hole" disintegrated.

    They became lovers and Barber left his wife for Courtney after some typical high drama, including Love's arrest in October 2003 for breaking into Barber's home, you know, just for good measure.

    Who knows, Barber may have even been sane and just star-struck, or sex-struck (nuts as she may be, odds are that Courtney is most likely a banshee in the sack... and once again "The Lohan Effect") at the time they got together.

    But he's almost certainly damaged goods now and any man crazy enough to leave his wife for someone so unstable has rightfully EARNED their place on this list.

  3. 11

    Did Russell Brand sleep with Courtney Love?

    They definitely met in 2006 and Courtney had admitted to having a crush on him before that. Rumors on the internet say that after a liaison, Courtney told a friend he was "delicious".

    Russel Brand, the human Russ Troll Doll (ha, Russ!), is no exception to The Lohan Effect.

  4. 10

    A classic, hilarious, brilliant, nuanced and intelligent British actor, Steve Coogan definitely did the deed with Courtney Love as reported here in the Guardian .

    Any celebrity who would be so clueless as to supposedly impregnate Courtney in 2005 (2005!!!) has got to be at least somewhat sad or crazy in some way; unless she played voodoo dolls with any condoms he brought because dear God who has unprotected sex with Courtney Love? This is why he gets a spot on this list. For this POSSIBILITY (even though it was later denied by both parties).

    Coogan DID, though, supply Courtney with drugs and ostensibly had sex with her on a few occasions. According to Courtney Love when she got out of rehab, he was waiting for her with drugs, and he's also been accused of supplying Owen Wilson with the drugs he took for his attempted suicide.

    And sooo, Coogan gets a spot on this list. Here's a video of Coogan on Letterman.

  5. 9

    Trent Reznor was certainly unbalanced and deep into the powders when he had his notorious on-tour fling with Courtney about a year after Kurt's death.

    He almost certainly regretted it after Courtney made huge scenes trying to break into his hotel room after he quickly broke it off, and he definitely regretted ever setting eyes on Crazy Love after she started making public statements about "Two Inch Nails"... ouch. Luckily, she was pretty hammered the whole time she was saying that (see what we did there? I'll be here all week).

    Reznor has long since cleaned up and channeled his angst into an incredible level of productivity in the last 10 years or so, much of it actually quite good.

    Tortured artist, yes. But crazy? Probably yes - in the 90s - because of the depths of depression, social anxiety disorder, booze, blow, and a family death that really rocked him hard. Today - a model of sanity.

  6. 8

    No real evidence of insanity here at all... EXCEPT - Courtney has publicly said that this monthlong tryst took place AFTER Gavin took up with Gwen Stefani. And that's all we need.

    Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of 90s band Bush and current frontman of his own solo project that nobody acknowledges, actually cheated on Gwen Stefani with Courtney Love. Talk about downgrading.

    Courtney Love, and the people who actually hook up with her, seem to fall into what we like to call "The Lohan Effect"-- no matter how damaged the goods are, or how likely you are to have to go in there with a Hazmat suit more carefully than Dustin Hoffman in "Outbreak", if it's there and it's easy, most guys will just go for it after the right amount of drinks.

    If that is indeed true, then we have yet another victim of The Lohan Effect, which at this point might as well be named "The Love Effect", but hasn't been for obvious reasons of conflicting linguistic messages.

    But okay. Seriously.

    Look at this.

    And then this.

    And this.

    Aaaaand then this still-shot from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.

    Gavin Rossdale had, at the very least, a case of temporary insanity.

  7. 7

    Twiggy Ramirez


    The cadaver-like Ramirez was actually a pretty low-rent hookup for the Nineties Courtney. Ramirez was Marilyn Manson's bass player/sidekick at the time, with star power way below most on this list and a name that one could really only get away with in the early to mid 90s (as he has actually changed his name to his, you know, "human" name Jeordie Osbourne White -- just so people know that he's famous for SOME reason).

    In this video we see the pretty-much-baked Twiggy Ramirez (sorry, Jeordie) before the MTV Video Music Awards back when MTV correspondents were allowed to be in their 30s.

    IN the video he (Twiggy) admits to having seen Courtney's boobs before and how he looks forward to seeing them again. But that's really like saying you're looking forward to seeing the sun or the moon again isn't it? You'll see it at SOME point, it's only a matter of time.

  8. 6

    Okay, this makes sense. Edward Norton is notoriously one of the hardest people to work with in Hollywood, is a control freak, a perfectionist an egomaniac and definitely someone who shares the drama queen guise with Love.

    But the most likely indication of Norton being at-least-somewhat crazy is that he and Courtney Love were boyfriend-and-girlfriend for over 2 years in the late 90s. That's right: she was Joe's enraged, inflamed sense of rejection.

    Admittedly, these were the "taken seriously as an actress / general Hollywood person" years, probably the sanest years of Courtney's drama-filled life (see pics in item 1 or just this one ), and probably her least-druggy period.

    We'll keep Norton near the middle of this list for a long term relationship with a nutter - yes, she was looking pretty damn sexy in those years, but movie stars like Norton can get all kinds of attractive women so that's really no excuse; but hey, maybe Norton's the type to take an abandoned warehouse and make it into a home.

  9. 5

    In 2004, Courtney admitted on the Howard Stern Show that long before she became famous, she gave The Nuge a blow job backstage at a concert.

    She was twelve at the time.

    Now, we have nothing more than the word here of a seriously unbalanced pre-teen.

    Backstage at name-your-enormodome in the 70s it's safe to say that many a young lassie lifted the loincloth of Ted The Sledge to give him 10 minutes of oral pleasure before he went on stage to belt out "Yank Me, Crank Me (but don't you wake up, and don't you thank me)".

    Was Courtney one of them? It's safe to say she could have easily gotten backstage at age 12, and it's a sure thing she would have tried. She was a bit of a chubby kid ( click here for a photo gallery of Young Love -- get it?), so she might not have first dibs on The Nob of The Nuge.

    Was age 12 a factor? We've all seen Almost Famous, and by all accounts that movie was a lot tamer than the reality. But again, it was the Seventies.

    How ironic that one of our country's most outspoken right-wingers and drug-free-living advocates is likely to have shared some DNA with . . . yeah, you know.

    Only in America. And probably Europe. And parts of Southeast Asia.

    How truly-crazy is The Motor City Madman? I think it's a safe bet that Ted is "perma-crazy" - a manic man with a ton of energy, to be sure, but not, like, up-and-down nutso. So, let's put him a little further down this list.

    Click "next" for more people who were more famous in the 90s, a failed comedian and another rock legend...

  10. 4

    It's possible, but very unlikely, that Weiland and CLove never actually did the deed. According to Weiland's Dickipedia entry www.dickipedia.org/dick.php?title=Scott_Weiland (hey, this isn't a New York Times article parsing a Bernanke statement, right?), Scott and Courtney holed up in an LA hotel room for a month in 1995 after Weiland's first possession arrest "We shot drugs the whole time," Weiland recalled. "Most of the time she just walked around in panties."

    We'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the panties came off at least once because c'mon... if you're that high, after a few months, why the hell not?

    How crazy is Weiland? Drug use by itself doesn't necessarily indicate crazy, but prolonged heroin addiction over at least 15 years has gotta take its toll on brain cells and your ability to NOT look like Carrot Top had a baby with popular character actor Rob Lowe

  11. 3

    Always a "tortured artist", as the years go on Billy Corgan gets loopier and loopier, balder and balder and starts dating hotter and hotter, which makes sense since he dated Courtney Love back in the early 90s.

    The guy combines Catholicism and Buddhism (kind of like mixing Tabasco sauce with your morning Kix) in his "spiritual philosophy"; so you know he either likes the best of both worlds, or truly believes in this healing powers of crystals.

    He started an interfaith website that is devoted to "Mind-Body-Soul" integration. He says that people should pray each morning and each night to be able to see through Christ's eyes and "feel with his heart".

    He says that "God is just out my back door, yet I choose not to visit. I would rather sit alone and scheme on how to be remembered, on what more that I can do here to cement the evidence that I once walked these roads with you. It is a f*tile exercise. I know it is, and yet I persist..."; being ever the humble man.

    Many men jumped off of buildings when they heard that he was dating Jessica Simpson, but worry not, after that Simpson moved on to greener pastures by dating a star football player.

    Although I am fully aware that this is not a picture of him and Courtney, it IS a picture of him and Tila Tequila, which goes to show that:

    1. He dates crazy
    2. He's gotta be pretty insane to keep the kind of company that he does
    3. He probably just hangs out with people to "heal" them, and then somehow disappears in a beam of light after every date.

  12. 2

    Widely reported in the UK, by telegraph magazine ( click here for the full story ), Mickey Rourke apparently dated her as well; marking the only time in her career when Courney Love has dated someone who has had as much work done as she has.

    Apparently a regrettable one-night stand (we've all been there, Mickey), or perhaps just a blatant paparazzi rumor, even the human melting wax figure that is Mickey Rourke was quoted as saying the following about even the possibility of being with Ms. Love:

    "I'd rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla"

    Rourke, who is 47-going-on-sun-damaged-leather-wallet, said this to TMZ, a few days after the rumors started. Click here for the video, hosted by the intelligent, political, hard-hitting news website known as the Huffington Post .

  13. 1

    Of course he's at the top of this list. You've got to be pretty insane to do everything he did with his life. Especially what he did near the end... I mean, he had a kid with her AND married her? Insane.

    (Notice my artful attempt at not mentioning the shotgun-to-the-mouth).

    Not to say that if he could see everything that's happened since his death that he'd be any less crazy, either.

    If he's not turning over in his grave (urn?) about how his wife ended up, he would at the very least be going ape s**t about his image rapping on stage in a video game and THIS guy playing him in the upcoming movie about his life.

    And just to declare, it's not to say that Courtney Love is a horrible person or anything, but given everything she's been through, she's someone that most people would call "damaged goods"; not to be sexist or anything, as it would apply to her even if she were a dude. Kind of like Joaquin Phoenix. He's damaged goods.

    And yes, yes, before we move on, it's all fully well-known that she was actually kinda hot for a few years there (as evidenced here , here (kinda NSFW) , here and here, kind of.

    But let's not forget when she showed David Letterman her breats(unsolicited)

    So although, it wasn't 100% crazy to date her the WHOLE time... remember that most of the time she was kind of a trainwreck which drove her to look like this .

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