13 Terrifying Real-Life Kids That Belong in a Horror Movie People
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13 Terrifying Real-Life Kids That Belong in a Horror Movie

Despite all of the ghosts and ghouls, murderers and lunatics, and vengeful spirits in horror films, time and time again, the most horrifying things in these movies are little kids. From The Exorcist, to The Shining, to newer movies like Orphan, sometimes the most horrifying things come in the smallest packages. But even some of these onscreen terrors pale in comparison to the horrific crimes committed by the following real-life children.

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    Mary Bell

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    “I murder so that I may come back.”

    In May of 1968, the day before Mary Bell turned 11, she strangled a 4 year old boy named Martin Brown in an abandoned house. A short time later, she and a 13 year-old friend broke into an orphanage and smashed the place up. They left notes that claimed responsibility for Brown’s murder, but the police just assumed that it was a prank.


    The chilling message that Mary left on the orphanage walls

    That July, the pair kidnapped and murdered 3 year-old Brian Howe and left his body on a nearby wasteland - but not before Mary mutilated him and carved an “M” into his stomach. 
    She was only convicted with two counts of manslaughter, both because of her young age and her psychiatric evaluation, in which she showed all the common signs of psychopathy. She was held until the age of 23 and then set free, which she remains to this day.

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