14 Sexiest Cheerleader-Related Scandals in Sports History Anything
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14 Sexiest Cheerleader-Related Scandals in Sports History

In honor of the first ever Superbowl with no cheerleaders in it, here's a list that proves that these women are a benefit to any society, and that if taking naked pictures of yourself, having sex with sports stars and getting drunk all the time were a sport in of itself, these women would be Olympians. Here are the sexiest moments in cheerleader scandals throughout recent sports history.
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    New England Patriots Cheerleader and Probably 20 Penises

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    We're going to be counting this as a sex scandal because 1. the story's kind of funny and 2. it involves a lot of penises.

    Caitlin Davis of the New England Cheerleading squad partied pretty damn hard one night (one would almost even say she did so "like a rock star") with her friend, also a hot girl.

    Of course, the day after she posted a picture of herself holding a marker next to her friend that had penises drawn all over her body, as well as even just the word "Penis" (in case you didn't get the point looking at the rest of her body,) the professional cheerleader got into some hardcore trouble.

    The Patriots were so unenthused by the epic facepainting she did on her friend that they ended up giving her the boot (and not the cool, hot kind that the cheerleaders usually wear.)

    Not to condone embarrassing your own friends or anything, but at least that's all that happened.

    "I drew a lot of penises on my friend's face," is a lot better than some of the alternatives of hot girls partying hard then passing out so hardcore that they don't notice a bunch of people filming themselves doing stuff to you. In fact, it really is the best case scenario when it comes to waking up with things in your face after a night of debauchery.

    Wanna know more? Click Here for additional details (NSFW details).

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