14 Sexiest Cheerleader-Related Scandals in Sports History Anything
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14 Sexiest Cheerleader-Related Scandals in Sports History

In honor of the first ever Superbowl with no cheerleaders in it, here's a list that proves that these women are a benefit to any society, and that if taking naked pictures of yourself, having sex with sports stars and getting drunk all the time were a sport in of itself, these women would be Olympians. Here are the sexiest moments in cheerleader scandals throughout recent sports history.

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    Kobe Bryant Hooks Up with Another Girl Named Vanessa

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    Kobe Bryant and sex scandal - another pair of words that can't be separated for some reason, only this one's kind of on the cleaner side for Kobe. First, it was a girl in Colorado, and now, it's a girl from The Lakers cheering squad.

    Apparently, Vanessa Curry (because Kobe seems to only go after "Vanessas"), had been sharing a clandestine relationship with Kobe for some time. Soon after this went public, Vanessa Curry decided to leave the Lakers Cheer Team for "hosting" opportunities so nobody got fired or in trouble at all... but it was still a huge deal when it happened.

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