13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True TV Programs
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13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True

One of the most iconic television shows of all time, as well as one of the most quoted properties in pop culture history, The Simpsons has made hundreds of jokes that we all know, remember, and reference on a daily basis. Often times, these jokes revolve around extremely absurd concepts that could only happen in a cartoon or a satire – according to the writers at the time. Sometimes, these jokes underestimate just how low humanity (and often, America) can go. The Simpsons predictions listed here all came true!

Here's a collection of hilarious Simpsons jokes that really ended up being true, happening or being repeated elsewhere. There are some crazy things The Simpsons predicted, so read on to find out what!

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    The Good Morning Burger

    The Joke:

    In the Simpsons, the Good Morning Burger was 18 ounces of sizzling ground beef soaked in rich creamery butter, topped off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

    This was before all fast food restaurants started carrying a regular menu of heart-attacks every morning before 10:30AM, so it really worked as a satire of how horrible fast food is for you.

    Before the "Baconator," a Sourdough Jack, or even a triple cheeseburger were as bad as things got.

    The Good Morning Burger seemed so ridiculous and far off that it could never really happen.


    What Actually Happened: This take on the Good Morning Burger is quite similar: hash browns, topped with a hamburger, topped with a fried egg. There are hash browns under a burger that's under a fried egg.

    Another good example of how far things have gotten in fast food are, of course, the KFC Double Down and their "failure bowls" (as comedian Patton Oswalt calls them in this bit).

  2. 8

    It Tastes Like Grandma!!

    The Joke:
    Inspired by a Zorro movie, Homer begins slapping people with a glove and challenging them to duels.

    When a real Southern gentleman accepts Homer's request for a duel, the Simpsons run off to the old farm Homer lived on with his parents and breed a dangerously addictive but successful tobacco/tomato hybrid called "tomacco."

    What Actually Happened:
    Homer’s "tomacco" plant became a reality when Rob Baur, a senior operations analyst at an Oregon sewage treatment plant, created it in his house.

    He grafted together a tobacco root with a tomato plant to create a real-life tomacco, without even enlisting the aid of radioactive material.

    To date, no nearby farm animals have gone berserk and articulated their tomacco desire through speech yet. YET.

  3. 9

    Itchy and Scratchy's Bloody Billboard

    The Joke:
    When The "Itchy and Scratchy Movie" premiered in The Simpsons, they advertised with a billboard that sprayed blood when Itchy hit Scratchy over the head with a sledgehammer, meant to poke fun at the overtness of not only violence in emerging popular media, but in even its advertising.

    What Actually Happened:
    New Zealand was super excited about the TV premier of Kill Bill, so they borrowed the idea from "The Simpsons" in a way that actually may have escaped the creators of the controversial Kill Bill billboard.

    In an homage to Kill Bill's gore, the billboard sprayed "blood" across the wall, street and cars.

    Just like the advertising for "The Itchy and Scratchy Movie."

  4. 10

    The Land Of Chocolate

    The Joke:
    The Land of Chocolate is a land imagined by Homer when German businessman bought the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and, during an interview, told Homer they came from "the Land of Chocolate," meaning Germany.

    In Homer's head, this land was made entirely of chocolate, including houses, streetlights, paths, and rivers. Even chocolate rabbits and dogs. And in a part called "Fudgetown," they even had chocolate fudge rains.

    What Actually Happened:
    Well, China has done it again. For the second year in a row, a theme park made entirely from chocolate will open its doors in Shanghai, according to CNNGo.

    The park used 80 tons of Belgian chocolate to create sculptures such as the Terracotta warriors and The Great Wall.

    The exhibit drew roughly a half a million visitors, according to CNNGo.

    This year, the park is moving to Shanghai's Himalayas Art Museum, and will feature 200 pieces of chocolate art. Chocolatiers will also be on hand to make everything from truffle chocolate to wine chocolate; visitors will also be able to create their own chocolate.

    I think if I were to actually visit this theme park, I would act exactly as Homer did in his dream. No word yet on the edible, sentient chocolate animals.

  5. 11

    The Leftorium

    The Joke:
    In the episode "Ned Flander Fails," Homer makes a wish for Flanders's new left-handed store to go out of business.

    The ridiculousness in this bit lied in the idea of an entire store existing just for the left-handed. Surely, nobody needed to be coddled this much, let alone a whole section of the population.

    The wish comes true and gets Flanders into financial hardship.

    Ned is forced to sell his possessions, and Homer happily buys most of it. When he finds out that Ned's house is going to be repossessed, Homer feels guilty and decides to get the store back in business by telling all the left-handed citizens about it.

    What Actually Happened:

    In 2009 Lefty's opened its doors in San Francisco. Now they have stores at Pier 39 in San Francisco and The Marketplace at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida, as well as hundreds of left-handed items on their website.

    The store features left-handed scissors, left-handed pens, and left-handed notebooks, left-handed office and school supplies, left-handed children's writing guides and shoe tying instruction cards, even left-handed kitchen tools and equipment. And then there are left-handed sayings and toys, which they print on T-shirts, left-handed mugs, left-handed portfolios, and lots of other items.

    For all other needs, Anything Left Handed is the store for you. They even took the homage to "The Simpsons" one step further by having their website as Leftorium.com.

    What a bunch of great leftorinos.

  6. 12

    Ice To See You

    The Joke:
    In the episode, "Last Exit To Springfield," Bart and Homer watch a McBain movie in which McBain busts out of an ice sculpture and utters this cringe worthy line before wasting the bad guys: "Ice To See You."

    What Actually Happened:
    In 1997, the worst Batman movie was released and in it was a villain called Mr. Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    In the late 80s early 90s, the character McBain was of course, based on the action hero success and ubiquitous popularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fact that the real Arnold went on to not only make a movie more ridiculous than the cartoon McBain action saga, but a movie that actually contained worse and somehow cheesier lines than some written to be intentionally funny by comedy writers is insane.

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