13 Social Studies Facts Sarah Palin Got Wrong Anything
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13 Social Studies Facts Sarah Palin Got Wrong

Infamous for her verbal slips and gaffes, Sarah Palin - author, pundit, governor, candidate, grizzled mother or what have you - has often been in trouble with the press for massaging the truth. Of course, there are the outright accusations that Palin lies, including Andrew Sullivan's ongoing, dogged and not-uncreepy investigation into her claims to be Trig Palin's mother. Those are interesting, sure, but they get all the press.

Far more intriguing are just the Sarah Palin goofs and mistakes. The small things that most Americans really should know that she seems to consistently get wrong. It's like she skipped out on all her social studies classes at Wasilla High. Possibly to knock back PBRs with Todd and talk about which girls are putting out. We can't be sure.

What are the biggest Sarah Palin mistakes ever? What follows is an incomplete but hopefully still compelling account of Sarah Palin's errors when it comes to history, geography and government. And probably grammar.

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    The Vice President Runs the Senate

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    Back when she was campaigning to be the Vice President in October of 2008, Palin gave an interview to local Colorado TV station KUSA-TV. At the end of the interview, she participated in the station's patented "Questions from the Third Grade" segment. (This was her first mistake...)

    When discussing the job of the US Vice President - you know, that job she was actively trying to get - she said that the VP is "in charge of the United States Senate," and could "get in there with the Senators and make a lot of good policy changes."

    Now, granted, the Constitution does state that the Vice President of the United States is "President of the Senate..." But if you keep reading the rest of that very same sentence, it also says "but [the VP] shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided." So there's that.

    Also, in practice, the VP's job has become more and more ceremonial in the Senate. During his entire tenure as VP, the not-exactly-power-shy Dick Cheney only cast eight tie-breaking votes. So far, Joe Biden has cast exactly none.

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