13 Social Studies Facts Sarah Palin Got Wrong

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Infamous for her verbal slips and gaffes, Sarah Palin - author, pundit, governor, candidate, grizzled mother or what have you - has often been in trouble with the press for massaging the truth. Of course, there are the outright accusations that Palin lies, including Andrew Sullivan's ongoing, dogged and not-uncreepy investigation into her claims to be Trig Palin's mother. Those are interesting, sure, but they get all the press.

Far more intriguing are just the Sarah Palin goofs and mistakes. The small things that most Americans really should know that she seems to consistently get wrong. It's like she skipped out on all her social studies classes at Wasilla High. Possibly to knock back PBRs with Todd and talk about which girls are putting out. We can't be sure about all Sarah Palin bloopers and blunders, but hopefully they all didn't make it to wikipedia (for her sake).

What are the biggest Sarah Palin mistakes ever? What follows is an incomplete but hopefully still compelling account of Sarah Palin's errors when it comes to history, geography and government. And probably grammar.
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