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These aren't necessarily movies about incest, but movies where incest has come up in one of the relationships depicted in the movie. Currently the practice of incest is banned in almost all civilized countries, with punishments in some being worse than others. Though some cultures encourage the practice among cousins, the societal norm is blood relation means no invitation... for the making of the sex, that is (I apologize ahead of time).

Now, while these aren't incest movies (or incest films), they do happen to have overtly incestuous themes. Sometimes the incest is played out like a joke, but most of the time it is in an uncomfortable way. Whether it was for revenge, love, or just because they were ignorant of their connections, the incest in these movies is usually hotter than it should be.

FYI this site also has a list of books about incest.
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In Oldboy, an awesome Korean film that any action film fan should see, the main character, Dae-Su, is kidnapped and held prisoner for 15 years in a hotel room. He is never told why he is being held and is released with no explanation.

Upon his release, he meets a young chef named Mi-Do, who takes him in and takes care of him. Over time, the two fall in love as Dae-Su also tracks down the people responsible for his abduction. When he finally catches up to his abductors, Dae-Su is shocked to learn it was all a revenge scheme by Woo Jin, a man Dae-Su had shamed years earlier.

[ACTUAL Oldboy ending/twist SPOILER ALERT, because this is actually a damned good movie]

Dae-Su had revealed Woo Jin's incestuous relationship with his sister, causing her to kill herself. In order to seek revenge, Woo Jin kidnapped Dae-Su, but the kidnapping wasn't the revenge. The vengeance plot was in fact pointing Dae Su towards Mi-do upon his release, because Mi-Do was his daughter. Dun Dun Dun! Everyone still with me?

Now here's the worst part: Dae-Su cuts out his own tongue, swears to keep it a secret, and has Woo Jin erase his memory so that he never found out Mi-Do is his daughter.

He returns to her and they live creepily ever after.

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Back to the Future

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Back to the Future is one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, but it's all really a cover for making a movie about a mother having the wrong kind of feelings for her son.
Marty McFly inadvertently goes back to 1955 and prevents his parents from meeting, at which point his mother becomes infatuated with him. Not only does she come on to her son, but they even go "parking" during the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance.
Oddly (and very creepily) a segment of the Internet populace has made videos in support of the relationship. Weird.
Back to the Future trivia: When Robert Zemeckis was trying to sell the idea of this film, one of the companies he approached was Disney, who turned it down because they thought that the story of a mother falling in love with her son (albeit by a twist of time travel) was too risqué for a film under their banner. In fact, Disney was the only company to think the first was risqué. All other companies said that the film was not risqué enough, compared to other teen comedies at the time (e.g. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Revenge of the Nerds, etc.).
The video features a collection of the Marty and Lorraine scenes that ask, "What would you do?"

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What is it with cats and incest?

The cat people in this Stephen King adaptation (featuring King himself as a coroner) are mother and son, but also creepily enough, lover and other-lover. They make "love" to the song "Sleep Walk," by Santo and Johnny, forever ruining a classic that makes you want ice cream, sunny days, and women in '60s bikinis.

The jealous rage the mother has toward the girl that her son is seducing (to essentially turn into a meal since they're energy vampires) is both hilarious and unsettlingly creepy.

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The Lion King

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The Lion King is the story of lion cub, Simba, who witnesses his father Mufasa's death and is guilted into exile by his evil uncle, Scar. While in exile, he is reunited with a cub from his pride named Nala. Nala and Simba fall in love and make with the love on their first date, because Nala was raised, literally, in the wild.

If you've ever watched Animal Planet or a documentary on Discovery about lion prides, you know that a pride is made up of one male lion and a bunch of hungry, controlling, horny lionesses. The male is the only one who sleeps with these lionesses and is therefore the father of any cubs in the pride. Based on this knowledge of how the animal kingdom works, we can assume Mufasa is the baby daddy of both Simba and Nala; making both of them half-siblings.

Thanks to Disney (and the story they originally stole the Lion King from), you can now never unlearn this.

To make matters worse, in The Lion King sequel, the pair have had a cub of their own who falls in love with Scar's son. Remember, Scar is Simba's uncle, meaning even in the second generation, The Lion King kept it in the family.

This comes to mind when taking all of this in and was intentionally excluded because c'mon, seriously.

Not really related, but you need to see this mash-up of The Lion King with the audio of Dark Knight Rises. Simply amazing.

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