13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies People
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13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies

James Bond movies have shown us that sex and spies go hand in hand. And although 007 is fictional, the soap opera-ready people involved in the Petraeus scandal are all too real. But are they outliers or are spies simply more likely to lose control? As this list demonstrates, David Petraeus is far from the only spy to let his libido take control. He's not even the first CIA director to do so. Read on to learn about Petraeus and twelve other spies who have had some of the most torrid sex scandals in history.

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    The Torrid Details

    Allen Welsh Dulles is one of David Petraeus's predecessors as head of the CIA. Dulles was in charge from 1953 to 1961. Although overseeing the agency during the height of the Cold War must have kept him busy, Dulles still found the time to have scores of affairs. He probably even got together with Queen Frederika of Greece: on a 1958 visit to Washington, the queen visited Dulles's office. After they had been alone for an hour, an aide entered the office, but found it empty. The aide heard noises coming from an adjacent room, and soon witnessed the queen and Dulles emerge from said room. 

    The Aftermath
    Although Dulles's affairs were common knowledge, and he even hooked up with a visiting head of state, there were zero repercussions for his career or his reputation. David Petraeus must go green with envy every time he thinks about this guy. 

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    The Torrid Details 

    While working in China in 1964, 20-year-old French diplomat Bernard Boursicot was seduced by a Chinese national. The affair continued for years, and Boursicot later passed along secrets to Chinese officials because he believed he had to in order to keep his lover safe. However, although Boursicot believed his lover was a woman, he was in fact involved with a male Peking Opera star, Shi Pei Pu. Boursicot even thought that Shi had given birth to his child (in fact, Shi had purchased a baby on the black market).

    The Aftermath
    After Boursicot returned to France, he managed to bring Shi and "their" child to the country as well. Boursicot and Shi were arrested in 1983, which was when a stunned Boursicot learned that Shi was, in fact, a man. They were both convicted of espionage in 1986. The episode inspired a movie and Broadway play, M. Butterfly. Sadly, it did not inspire better sex education around the world, even though if the young Boursicot had had a clue about female body parts, the whole mess might have been avoided in the first place.

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    Dania Suarez Londono

    The Torrid Details

    Colombian prostitute Dania Londono is just one of the hookers that United States Secret Service Agents picked up on a trip to Colombia in April of 2012 (during which they were supposed to be preparing for the President's upcoming visit to the country). Approximately ten agents arranged for girls from brothels to attend a sex party at their Cartagena hotel. When one agent didn't want to pay what Londono thought her services were worth ($800), she got upset enough to attract the attention of the police, and the world. 

    The Aftermath
    Several agents were either suspended or chose to resign. And from now on, Secret Service trips are going to be a lot less fun. However, on the plus side, working girls around the world may find it easier to get paid full price for their services. After all, if that one agent hadn't been such a cheapskate, we never would have learned about all of these torrid details. 

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    The Torrid Details

    You've probably heard the details before, but here's a quick summary: Head of the CIA and respected retired general, David Petraeus, had an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. Broadwell, having heard the advice that "If he cheats on his wife, he'll cheat on you," grew jealous of Petraeus's relationship with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, and sent Kelley emails warning her to back off. Kelley asked her friend, FBI Agent Fred Humphries, to investigate the emails. His interest in the investigation was so intense that his supervisors pulled him off the case. During the FBI's investigation, flirtatious emails between Kelley and General John Allen were also uncovered. 

    The Aftermath
    Frustrated with his supervisors' handling of the e-mail investigation, Humphries went to a Republican Congressman about the case, which led to all of the above information becoming public and embarrassment for pretty much everyone involved. Petraeus has resigned from the CIA. Broadwell has had her security clearance revoked and computers that had classified documents on them have been removed from her home. Allen has had his promotion put on hold. Kelley has called 911 and requested diplomatic protection (she was appointed an honorary consul by South Korea, which is now reviewing that appointment). And Agent Humphries, the man who made sure this would all be public knowledge, will forever be known as Shirtless FBI Agent

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    Elizabeth Masamune

    The Torrid Details

    Elizabeth Masamune was an Australian trade official with years of experience and the security clearance to know that Anh Ngoc Luong was suspected of working for Vietnamese intelligence. Neither of those things stopped her from sleeping with Luong, nor from encouraging an Australian bank to bribe Luong to do business with him. Luong stands accused of getting $AU20 million in bribes. 

    The Aftermath
    This scandal, like the Petraeus affair, is currently unfolding and being investigated. Presumably Luong wishes he had been a little less greedy, so as not to get caught. And though she has insisted that her job duties were not compromised by her relationship with Luong, Masamune probably regrets proving that men are not the only ones who sometimes think with an organ other than their brains.   

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    Gerda Munsinger

    The Torrid Details

    Even Canada has had a spy sex scandal! In the 1950s, Soviet spy and alleged East German prostitute Gerda Munsinger slept with multiple cabinet ministers, including the associate minister of national defense.

    The Aftermath
    The cabinet ministers who had been intimate with Munsinger probably thought that their secrets were safe when she was quietly deported in 1961. Unfortunately for them, in 1966 a member of a different political party brought up the scandal in the Canadian House of Commons. The scandal consumed the media, especially when Munsinger was contacted and confirmed that she'd hooked up with multiple government officials. 

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