13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies People
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13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies

James Bond movies have shown us that sex and spies go hand in hand. And although 007 is fictional, the soap opera-ready people involved in the Petraeus scandal are all too real. But are they outliers or are spies simply more likely to lose control? As this list demonstrates, David Petraeus is far from the only spy to let his libido take control. He's not even the first CIA director to do so. Read on to learn about Petraeus and twelve other spies who have had some of the most torrid sex scandals in history.

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    Markus Wolf

    The Torrid Details

    An East German spymaster who wanted to keep tabs on West Germany in the 1950s, Markus Wolf came up with the idea of training handsome men to be "Romeo spies." Numerous men went into West Berlin and began using romance as a weapon, seducing women who worked for the West German government in order to get acess to state secrets

    The Aftermath
    When West German authorities realized what was happening, they did a better job of tracking potential Romeo spies who came to West Berlin. Authorities also arrested several women. Three were convicted of espionage, but all of their sentences were light as the circumstances behind their betrayal were taken into consideration. 

  2. 12

    The Torrid Details

    While he was working in Moscow in 1954, Soviet spies took compromising pictures of low-level British diplomat John Vassall participating in a drunken orgy with other men. Vassall was a closeted homosexual and, given the climate at the time, he felt he had no choice but to start giving classified documents to the Soviets. His passing of information continued after he returned to Britain in 1956.

    The Aftermath
    Vassall was caught in 1962, after a tip from American intelligence, and served ten years in prison for his crimes. 

  3. 11

    Gerda Munsinger

    The Torrid Details

    Even Canada has had a spy sex scandal! In the 1950s, Soviet spy and alleged East German prostitute Gerda Munsinger slept with multiple cabinet ministers, including the associate minister of national defense.

    The Aftermath
    The cabinet ministers who had been intimate with Munsinger probably thought that their secrets were safe when she was quietly deported in 1961. Unfortunately for them, in 1966 a member of a different political party brought up the scandal in the Canadian House of Commons. The scandal consumed the media, especially when Munsinger was contacted and confirmed that she'd hooked up with multiple government officials. 

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    Katrina Leung

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    Elizabeth Masamune

    The Torrid Details

    Elizabeth Masamune was an Australian trade official with years of experience and the security clearance to know that Anh Ngoc Luong was suspected of working for Vietnamese intelligence. Neither of those things stopped her from sleeping with Luong, nor from encouraging an Australian bank to bribe Luong to do business with him. Luong stands accused of getting $AU20 million in bribes. 

    The Aftermath
    This scandal, like the Petraeus affair, is currently unfolding and being investigated. Presumably Luong wishes he had been a little less greedy, so as not to get caught. And though she has insisted that her job duties were not compromised by her relationship with Luong, Masamune probably regrets proving that men are not the only ones who sometimes think with an organ other than their brains.   

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