13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies People
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13 Torrid Sex Scandals Involving Spies

James Bond movies have shown us that sex and spies go hand in hand. And although 007 is fictional, the soap opera-ready people involved in the Petraeus scandal are all too real. But are they outliers or are spies simply more likely to lose control? As this list demonstrates, David Petraeus is far from the only spy to let his libido take control. He's not even the first CIA director to do so. Read on to learn about Petraeus and twelve other spies who have had some of the most torrid sex scandals in history.
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    age 62 The Torrid DetailsYou've probably heard the details before, but here's a quick summary: Head ...

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    Died at 76 (1893-1969) The Torrid DetailsAllen Welsh Dulles is one of David Petraeus's predecessors as head of the ...

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    Died at 41 (1876-1917) The Torrid DetailsMata Hari, a Dutch national who had lived in the Dutch East Indies, gained ...

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    Won Jeong-hwa The Torrid DetailsWon Jeong-hwa is a North Korean woman who, in 2001, said she had escaped ...

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    age 70 The Torrid Details While working in China in 1964, 20-year-old French diplomat Bernard ...

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    Dania Suarez Londono The Torrid DetailsColombian prostitute Dania Londono is just one of the hookers that United ...

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    Died at 91 (1915-2006) The Torrid DetailsJohn Profumo was the Secretary of State for War in U.K. Prime Minister ...

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    Elizabeth Masamune The Torrid DetailsElizabeth Masamune was an Australian trade official with years of experience ...

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    Katrina Leung age 60

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    Gerda Munsinger Died at 69 (1929-1998) The Torrid DetailsEven Canada has had a spy sex scandal! In the 1950s, Soviet spy and alleged ...

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    Died at 72 (1924-1996) The Torrid DetailsWhile he was working in Moscow in 1954, Soviet spies took compromising ...

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    Markus Wolf Died at 83 (1923-2006) The Torrid DetailsAn East German spymaster who wanted to keep tabs on West Germany in the ...


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