14 Amazing (And Sometimes Dangerous) Uses For Underwear Anything
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14 Amazing (And Sometimes Dangerous) Uses For Underwear

Underwear comes in two flavors: “sexy” and “comfortable.” Well, I guess that’s not technically true, because the sexy underwear can come in all kinds of crazy flavors (like rootbeer!), depending on what kind of stuff you find sexy (like rootbeer!).
Anyway, the point is people don’t generally expect your underwear to attack you, because what a terrible world that would be, right? I’m sorry to tell you that that terrible world is our own, and that our underwear attacks us all the time.
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    Protesting Utah

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    In protest of Utah being kind of a dick about marriage and other basic rights, an estimated 3,000 Utahians (Utahites? Utahovians?) stripped down to their skivvies and ran all around the state capital building, showing everybody their favorite underclothes.

    This is definitely my favorite way to support gay marriage. Everyone knows that sexuality is a continuum, not a dichotomy, and the more skin of a member of the same sex you see, the gayer you get. It’s science. You can’t argue with it.

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