Criminals Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes Online Anything
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Criminals Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes Online

People dumb enough to commit crimes are often stupid enough to brag about their crimes and then act surprised when they get caught. These criminals were caught on Facebook and other online outlets when police and/or concerned citizens saw what they had been up to in their free time.

What crimes do people post on Facebook? Just take a look and see.

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    Michael Baker Siphons Gas From a Cop Car

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    Siphoning gas from a cop car is the perfect crime, because, well, y'know. Check out that protruding middle finger. Man, you are punk rock as s**t.

    After being arrested, Michael Baker posted the Facebook comment "yea lol I went to jail over Facebook."

    In case Michael is reading -- no, you didn't, dude. You went to jail over stealing from a police officer.

    You won't believe what these hot girls tried to do and got caught! What a FAIL.

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