16 Criminals Who Got Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes Anything
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16 Criminals Who Got Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes

People dumb enough to commit crimes are, no shocker here, stupid enough to brag about their crimes and then act surprised when they get caught. These idiot criminals were caught on Facebook and other online outlets when police and/or concerned citizens saw what these gems of society had been up to in their free time.

What crimes do people post of Facebook? Look, jail sucks, and not everyone who's locked up deserves to be there. I'm not here to pass judgement on whether or not certain crimes are prison worthy, I'm just here to point out that sometimes people do bad things, and when they do, it's kinda cool when their own arrogance and stupidity is what gets them caught.
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    Danielle Saxton Takes Selfies With Stolen Clothing

    Danielle Saxton, a pregnant woman from West Frankfort, IL, stole several items from multiple stores and later posted pictures of herself wearing the stolen clothing to Facebook. When one of the stores' owners posted a description of the thief to social media and appealed for help finding the perpetrator, several people from the close knit town sent screenshots of the soon-mother, current-shoplifter and identified her, leading to her arrest.


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    Ben Rutkowski and Kai Christensen Post Pictures of Their Deadly Traps

    One thing I've learned researching this article is that if you're going to lay a bunch of deadly traps along a hiking trail in the woods with the intent or hurting or killing strangers, then don't. Like, just don't do that. I'm not even going to explain why.

    But if you've already done it, then sure, go ahead and post pictures of the traps and your ugly mug with a big dumbass grin online because clearly good decisions aren't your forte.

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    Michael Baker Siphons Gas From a Cop Car

    Siphoning gas from a cop car is the perfect crime, because reasons. Just look at that guy. Check out that protruding middle finger. Man, you are punk rock as s**t.

    After being arrested, Baker posted the Facebook comment "yea lol I went to jail over Facebook."

    Now, to clarify -- in case Michael is reading -- no you didn't, dude. You went to jail over stealing from a police officer. You got caught because of Facebook. You idiot.

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    Dustin McCombs Taunts Police After Raping Someone

    After being accused of "rape by force" (as opposed to rape by… um… gentleness?) Dustin McCombs took umbrage with the police department labeling him the "creep of the week" and decided to troll them on Facebook.

    Haha, this dumbass writes his own captions.

    Shortly after the above conversation, Dustin was caught. Obviously.

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    Man Tattoos Murder Scene on Chest

    Tattoos as a symbol of status and accomplishments is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, but I'm not one to point out an old tradition and call it silly or stupid. But if you murder somebody, and then tattoo that incident on your own chest, I'm pretty comfortable calling you stupid. If you take this one step further and imagine yourself as a helicopter and your enemy as a peanut, then I'm going to take back my earlier comment because you're a pretty crazy dude and I don't wanna mess with you.

    Does that helicopter have a mouth?

    According to the Daily Mail, the cops had given up on ever solving that case until an investigator familiar with the area said "holy crap, you tattooed a confession on your chest didn't you. Wow, man. Wow."

    That's a paraphrase.

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