15 Jamming Jazz Movies Films
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15 Jamming Jazz Movies

Jazz has been around longer than rock, hip hop, rhythm and blues, reggae and a lot of other tune styles so it’s great to see how the Smithsonian Institute every year promotes April as Jazz Appreciation Month. It seems to be one of those kinds of music that people either love or hate, or go from neutral where it’s concerned to acquiring a nonstop taste for it. It’s become such a butt-kicking powerful tradition that loads of books, films, and world-class events have been inspired by it. A lot of movies use jazz as background music but these could be called heavy hitters that give you people who made and lived the music. This list is some of the better ones I’ve found so far but I’m leaving it open for added suggestions. It contains feature films and a few documentaries.
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    Listen Up! The Lives of Quincy Jones

    "Listen Up! The Lives of Quincy Jones." Most modern music lovers know Jones as the man who put the word "super" in Michael Jackson’s star when he produced Jackson’s Thriller album.

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    Woody Allen has used a lot of jazz in a lot of films. "Midnight in Paris" won him an Academy Award for best original screenplay and just every review of this movie has talked about the jazz score featuring music by Sidney Bechet. Since the film is about a man who goes back in time to the Jazz Age and Allen himself plays jazz, it makes sense that the music is a big part of the story.

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    This is one of the best biopics on a jazz great that anybody might ever want to check out. The love and passion that director Charlotte Zwerin had for her subject is obvious. 90 Minutes of straight-up bliss.

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    The Spirit Moves

    If you like So You Think You Can Dance or any of the hit STEP UP movies, you wanna check out these jazz-dancing originals.

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    "Stormy Weather" is a major classic with Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, and gorgeous Lena Horne delivering sweet Golden-age Hollywood tunes for the masses.

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