15 Phenomenal Female British Soul Singers Bands/Musicians
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15 Phenomenal Female British Soul Singers

British soul has been around for a minute or two but some of the reactions to talent imported over the past couple of years would make you think it was just invented. This list of British female singers includes some of the ones who are hot right now and classic acts who laid the groundwork for the music’s growing popularity. The ones who stuffed their music so full of impressive vocals and classic soul style that they helped establish the contemporary British soul tradition and are also keeping it going. Nobody’s about to argue that Adele’s music has a very soulful quality to it, but for my quid she’s more pop than soul. Ain’t saying that’s a bad thing because she’s righteous any way you slice it. Anyway, these are the ones that do it for me.

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    It's not just her voice or her beauty that puts Sade at number 1. It's the work she's put in over the years, in the studio and on the road. The stacks of gold records and classic underground tunes rock truth for themselves.

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    Technically Emeli Sande is from Scotland but also technically Scotland is part of the United Kingdom so she qualifies for this list. Debut album is a slammer and you can count on her being around for a while. Bet'cha!

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    Rocked for Soul II Soul and all by her gorgeous self!

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    Absolutely brilliant talent and woman.

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    A different kind of soul for sure but unique don't mean disqualified.

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    Remember "Been Around the World?" There was and is sooooo much more to Lisa Stansfield's soul than that global number one hit.

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