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15 Songs About Paying Your Dues

Paying your dues is a topic that has been widely covered in music across a variety of genres. To have some fun with this subject, here's 15 songs on paying your dues....

Millennials in the blogosphere are suggesting that the days of paying your dues to get ahead in life may be over. I fully disagree. The same options to be entrepreneurial and start your own business rather than working for "the man" continue to exist...and everyone has the right to pursue that path. But that path is no cakewalk. There are dues to pay and lessons to learn whichever way you turn - you can do this on your own dime or while receiving a paycheck from "the man". It's not unique to Millennials that some people aren't suited to listen to authority and play a specific role in an organization. Those types of people should go do their own thing regardless of their generation. But those who want to work for a company and take the attitude that "if you don't give me what I want right now while I'm brand new to the workforce or I'll jump to another company" will likely find themselves facing a frustrating road of jumping from place to place while they search for their shortcut.

15 Songs About Paying Your Dues Bands/Musicians
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    Classic rock, Rock music, Progressive rock "Peace of Mind"

  2. 2

    Country pop, Pop music, Rock music "C'est La Vie"

  3. 3

    Blue-eyed soul, Heartland rock, Rock music "Katmandu"

  4. 4

    Blues-rock, Soul blues, Rock music "Why I Sing the Blues"

  5. 5

    Pop music, Rock music, Heavy metal "We Are the Champions"

  6. 6

    Blue-eyed soul, Disco, Pop music "Paid My Dues"

  7. 7

    Glam metal, Blues-rock, Rock music "Dream On"

  8. 8

    Pop music, Rock music, World music "It Don't Come Easy"

  9. 9

    Blues-rock, Boogie rock, Rock music "Highway To Hell"

  10. 10

    Adult contemporary music, Pop music, Rhythm and blues "Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues"

  11. 11

    Tropical rock, Western music, Pop music "Ballad of Spider John"

  12. 12

    Country, Southern rock "The Ride"

  13. 13

    Ska, Reggae "Hakuna Matata"

  14. 14

    Pop punk, Nu metal, Ska punk "My Turn"

  15. 15

    Blues-rock, Rock music, Folk rock "Mexicali Blues"

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