25 Star Wars Gifts Your Nerd Will Love Anything

25 Star Wars Gifts Your Nerd Will Love

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Star Wars gifts can be found all over the internet and in real life, thanks to the buying power of nerds and the acceptance of the geeky pop culture phenomenon by the people who love them. If you need to get that special nerd a gift, there are myriad Star Wars gift ideas floating around the internet including all the best Star Wars gifts, listed right here on this list of Star Wars presents.
What are the best nerdy presents for the Star Wars fan? Whether it's your Star Wars loving friends birthday or you need to peruse Star Wars gifts for a boyfriend of girlfriend, there are countless geeky gifts to bestow upon your Star Wars loving buddy. If any of these gift giving needs matches your present buying guidelines, the 25 best Star Wars gifts will direct you to a present any fan would love to receive!
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    You can never really go wrong with the classic Star Wars toy. Young and old love to whirl, slash and clash with an enormous array of lightsaber toys on the market. There's everything from double bladed sabers, though to the classic vader saber. Electronics geeks can even create their own!

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    Jedi Bathrobe

    Your nerd can dry themselves off in style with this bathrobe. Though you'll probably find them wanting to wear it on the couch, out to the store or to your parents house. You've been warned!

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    Indoor Flying Radio Controlled Millennium Falcon

    I dare you to find this uncool!
    Who hasn't thought of flying the Millennium Falcon around their living room...

    R/C Flying Millennium Falcon

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    Wampa Rug

    Cozy up by the fire on your very own rug made of Wampa.
    This rug is of the two armed variety.

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    Star Wars themed t-shirts

    Contrary to some stories you've heard, Star Wars nerds do wear clothes...
    But they'd love to be wearing themed merch more!

    Zazzle has a boat load of shirts

    As does Amazon


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