16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice Anything
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16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice

Movie making has got to be an absolute blast. There's no other explanation for how pretty much every movie you've ever seen has some kind of weird joke hidden inside it just as an Easter egg for fans, obsessive compulsives, or in some cases, even the film-makers themselves. Below are all examples of actors, stunt-people, writers, and directors all making references to their previous work.

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    Jeff Bridges in Iron Man/The Big Lebowski

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    In the first Iron Man movie, as Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is trying to steal some information from Obadiah Stane’s (Jeff Bridges) mainframe, there’s a brief reference to one of Bridges' earlier films – it’s only one frame long, but it clearly says “Lebowski”, and lists the origin port as “Long Beach,” making it a clear reference to Bridges’ career making role in the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski.


    It’s an especially funny comparison since Obadiah Stane and Jeff Lebowski are pretty much the polar opposite of each other: The former is a multi-billionaire evil industrialist, the latter is... is uh... is this a... what day is this? 

    (Thanks to this wordpress blog for the image.)

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