16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice Anything
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16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice

Movie making has got to be an absolute blast. There's no other explanation for how pretty much every movie you've ever seen has some kind of weird joke hidden inside it just as an Easter egg for fans, obsessive compulsives, or in some cases, even the film-makers themselves. Below are all examples of actors, stunt-people, writers, and directors all making references to their previous work.
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    Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes/Planet of the Apes

    Do I need to describe this scene to you? At the end of the original Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston (Charlton Heston) discovers that the planet he’s been on the whole movie was (spoilers) Earth the whole time! He screams “damn you! You blew it all up! Damn you all to hell!” Since you’ve all already seen that scene, so here’s a documentary on how they achieved the effect in 1968.



    In the Tim Burton remake, Heston has a cameo where he cleverly alludes to that scene by looking directly at the camera and speaking the exact same line. That scene sucks, so instead of linking you to it I’m going to show you this kinda hilarious analysis of the remake’s ending – an analysis that manages to explain the Burton ending perfectly while making me hate the movie even more than I already do.

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