16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice Anything
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16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice

Movie making has got to be an absolute blast. There's no other explanation for how pretty much every movie you've ever seen has some kind of weird joke hidden inside it just as an Easter egg for fans, obsessive compulsives, or in some cases, even the film-makers themselves. Below are all examples of actors, stunt-people, writers, and directors all making references to their previous work.

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    F. Murray Abraham in Last Action Hero/Amadeus

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    This is the best movie ever that no one else likes. Do you like this movie? I like this movie. Last Action Hero is about a boy named Danny who, due to his sh*tty life, finds the only solace he can in movies. His favorite are the Jack Slater series (that roughly parallel Die Hard), which stars Arnold Schwarzeneggar as the titular badass cop. Due to a magic ticket and a conveniently wacky old man, Danny gets sucked inside the fictional world of the film – where some surprisingly clever writing takes place. 
    So, most of the movie is in-jokes about older movies (Sylvester Stallone even shows up in a Terminator poster) but one of the best parts involves Danny pointing out that a new character, just introduced, is played by F. Murray Abraham (in this scene played by F. Murray Abraham). Danny points out that he played the traitorous Antonio Salieri in Amadeus, so we know he’ll end up switching sides here. And he’s right.

    Okay, so maybe the movie’s not that good.

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