18 Best FAIL Video Compilations Anything
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18 Best FAIL Video Compilations

There is nothing better than watching viral videos of people failing at life. These 18 fail videos of people failing at dancing, pool fails, game show fails, and every other conceivable hilarious fail video will have you laughing like a jerk until you fall out of your chair and fail yourself.

If you're looking for viral videos that showcase the worst of humanity, this is the place to be. These are videos of stupid people who don't know any better than to submit complete fail video clips to the internet for the judgment of millions. Some of the best compilations of viral video fails are here on this list, awaiting your viewing.

And hey, if fail videos are your thing, don't miss the the always entertainingviral videos starring Russiansand best on-stage fails of all time.

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    Dodgeball Fails Compilation

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    Dancing Fails Compilation

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    The Ultimate Bikini Fails Compilation

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    Family Feud Fails Compilation

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    Cat Fails Compilation

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    2012 Best Pool Fails Compilation

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