18 Funny and Amazing Christmas Videos Anything
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18 Funny and Amazing Christmas Videos

The best in funny Christmas videos are right here in this list of 18 Funny and Amazing Christmas Videos. If something was caught going horribly wrong- or brilliantly right- at Christmas time, it is on this list. Everything from Funny or Die videos, to home shot footage of drunk Santa, to plain old bad caroling. If you like laughing at videos of the Christmas season during the Christmas season, this is the place to be.

This compilation takes the best of skit comedy (like Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon) and pairs it with amazing home shot videos of real people doing crazy things. Whether you want to have a laugh or an "ahh" from kids being cute during the holidays, there's a little bit of everything on this Christmas list.

So if you're in between working out the perfect cookie recipe and prying your cat from the Christmas tree, take a minute to enjoy this list of 18 Funny and Amazing Christmas Videos.
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    Drunk Santa's Painful Entrance

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    If Santa had made this kind of entrance when I was a kid, I would have foregone presents for entertainment value.

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