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1970s Christian Pop Artists Bands/Musicians
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1970s Christian Pop Artists

A list of famous contemporary Christian pop artists of the 1970s. This includes both artists that appealed specifically to the Christian music market, as well as mainstream artists who released Christian or Christianity-themed music.

A number of the '70s Christian pop artists included in the list are considered to be mainstream celebrities who released secular music as well. This includes Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Billy Preston and Elvis Presley. (Many of these artists got their start performing gospel music, thus making the transition to Contemporary Christian Rock and Pop a natural one.) Ever wanted to know who are Christian pop artists who were around during the 1970s? Then take a look here and you should have your answer.
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    New Wave, Rock music, Progressive rock More
  3. 3

    Dennis Agajanian

    Christian music More
  4. 4


  5. 5

    Albrecht and Roley

  6. 6

    All Saved Freak Band

    Christian music More
  7. 7

    The Alpha Band

    Rock music More
  8. 8
    No image

    Amplified Version

  9. 9

    Andrus, Blackwood, and Co.

  10. 10
    Christian music, Contemporary Christian music More
  11. 11

    Bob Ayala

  12. 12

    Brown Bannister

  13. 13
    No image

    Found Free

  14. 14
    Christian music, Contemporary Christian music More
  15. 15
    Christian music, Pop music, Country More
  16. 16
    Christian music, Ballad, Pop music More
  17. 17

    Stephanie Boosahda

  18. 18

    Dave Boyer

  19. 19

    Scott Wesley Brown

  20. 20

    Brush Arbor

  21. 21
    Pop music More
  22. 22

    T Bone Burnett

  23. 23

    Wendell Burton

  24. 24
    Christian music, Contemporary Christian music More
  25. 25
    Pop music, Rock music, Folk music More

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