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1998 Winter Olympics Gold Medal Winners Olympic Athletes
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1998 Winter Olympics Gold Medal Winners

List of Olympic gold medal winners from the 1998 Winter Olympics, listed alphabetically with photos when available. There was a lot of intense competition at the 1998 Winter Olympics, so these athletes who took home a gold medal should certainly be commended. These famous gold medal winning athletes all competed in their own particular event at the 1998 Winter Olympics, but what they all have in common is that they were able to rise above their competition and take home a medal for their country. With items ranging from Ole Einar Bjørndalen to Claudia Pechstein, this is a great starting point for a list of your favorites.

This list answers the question, "Which athletes won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics?" Every historic Olympic competitor from the 1998 Winter Olympics competed bravely, but only the ones on this list were lucky enough to win a gold medal.
  1. 1
    Men's 1500m More
  2. 2
    Men's Individual Normal Hill More
  3. 3
    Women's Ice Hockey More
  4. 4
    Women's 1500m,Women's 3000 m,Women's 1000m More
  5. 5
    Women's 500m More
  6. 6
    Men's Singles More
  7. 7
    Men's 10000m,Speed skating - Men's 5000m More
  8. 8
    Women's Ice Hockey More
  9. 9
    Women's 5km,Women's 10 km,Women's Cross-Country, 30km More
  10. 10
    No image
    Men's Nordic Combined, Individual More
  11. 11
    Men's 10km Pursuit,Men's 15km Pursuit,Men's 50km freestyle More
  12. 12
    Men's 10000m More
  13. 13
    Women's 500 m,Women's 1000m More
  14. 14
    Women's 1500m,Women's 1000m More
  15. 15
    No image
    Men's 50km freestyle,Men's 30 km freestyle mass start More
  16. 16
    No image
    Women's 500m,Women's 1000m More
  17. 17
    Women's 5000 m,Women's 3000 m More
  18. 18
    No image
    Women's Giant Slalom,Women's Slalom,Women's Super-G More
  19. 19
    No image
  20. 20
    Women's 15 km Individual More
  21. 21
    No image
    Men's 1000m More
  22. 22
    No image

    Eric Bergoust

    Men's Aerials More
  23. 23
    Men's 10 km Sprint More
  24. 24
    No image
    Women's 7.5 km Sprint More
  25. 25
    Men's Singles More
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