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20 Biggest Casinos In The World

Each a gambler's paradise, these 20 biggest casinos in the world are the largest adult playgrounds that exist. Filled with poker rooms, table games and more slot machines than you can imagine, these casinos take the cake for being the biggest in the world and include many of the biggest names in casinos as well.

Though it's known for gambling, the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, do not rule all others. Sin City certainly has many on this list, but casinos like the Venetian and City of Dreams in Macao, China, also spelled Macau, actually top the list as the two biggest casinos in the world. Vegas as it seems does not even make the top seven, with other spots like the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and the Tisk Rio Casino Resort in South Africa all beating out anything in Nevada.

For those on the East Coast of the United States, don't fret as plenty of the casinos and resorts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, are also among the biggest casinos in the world. From the Borgata to Caesars and Trump Plaza, Atlantic City has no shortage of gambling areas.

Whether they're on the East Coast or in East Asia, these casinos reign supreme as the largest in all the land. Not only will they entertain your eyes with their massive size but they're sure to provide hours of entertainment, or at least keep you busy until your wallet is empty. Casinos are ranked in order of gaming square footage.

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    Square feet: 546,000 

    Gaming machines: 3,000 
    Table and poker games: 870 
    Restaurants and bars: 24 
    Hotel rooms: 3,000

  2. 2

    Square feet: 420,000 

    Gaming machines: 1,350 
    Table and poker games: 520 
    Restaurants and bars: 14 
    Hotel rooms: 1,400

  3. 3

    Square feet: 340,000 

    Gaming machines: 7,000 
    Table and poker games: 400 
    Restaurants and bars: 29 
    Hotel rooms: 824

  4. 4

    Casino Ponte 16

    Square feet: 270,000 

    Gaming machines: 320 
    Table and poker games: 150 
    Restaurants and bars: 3 
    Hotel rooms: 423

  5. 5

    Tusk Rio Casino Resort

    Square feet: 266,330 

    Gaming machines: 257 
    Table and poker games: 12 
    Restaurants and bars: 2 
    Hotel rooms: 70

  6. 6

    Sands Macao

    Square feet: 229,000 

    Gaming machines: 750 
    Table and poker games: 1,000 
    Restaurants and bars: 7 Hotel rooms: 51

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